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Blog articles for April, 2007

30 Apr 2007

Our Favourites - Amateur sites

favourites-amateur.jpg Picture>

Everybody loves Abby Winters. Even the Pope.

And tonight we have our favourite amateurs!

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Amateur sites

Posted by Steve

29 Apr 2007

Our Favourites - Teen 18+ sites

favourites-teen.jpg Picture>

Lia 19, as utterly divine as ever.

Here's one or you. Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you our favourite 5 sites from all our niches. How nice! Tonight, teens!

(They have to be specifically teen-related, by the way)

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Teen 18+ sites

Posted by Steve

28 Apr 2007

Porn Star Cameos

cameos.jpg Picture>

Asia Carrera's cameo was rather brief to say the least.

I quite like this article, I must say, although some of these listed don't quite sit right with me.

.... Continue reading Porn Star Cameos

Posted by Steve

26 Apr 2007

First 1080p DVD Released

1080p.jpg Picture>

The cover of Curse Eternal, looking remarkably like the front cover of Queen of the Damned.  A coincidence, I'm sure.

So, somebody has finally released the first 1080p DVD title, eh? Is it cause for celebration or do you actually not care?

.... Continue reading First 1080p DVD Released

Posted by Steve

25 Apr 2007

Happy Feet

feet.jpg Picture>

They get you from A to B, but there’s far more to legs and feet than meets the eye. To some, they are merely a tool for walking. To others, they’re a source of great arousal. I never used to see the appeal, but reviewing porn has taught me to appreciate the fine art of foot fetish… .... Continue reading Happy Feet

Posted by Miranda

24 Apr 2007

Bizarre Sites

bizarre.jpg Picture>

I think she looks more like a rabbit than a pony.

I do like a good bizarre site, but you do have to dig around to find some really odd ones.

.... Continue reading Bizarre Sites

Posted by Steve

21 Apr 2007

Anal Sites

analsites.jpg Picture>

One of anal porn's best exponents, Alicia Rhodes, and the ass in question.

It's my contention that anal sex isn't really given the 5 Star treatment that so many other niches are given. Why is that?

.... Continue reading Anal Sites

Posted by Steve

20 Apr 2007

Daring Hair

masscha.jpg Picture>

What is it about bright hair on a sexy babe that’s just so damn irresistible? Is it because it’s something a bit different? Does it give a hot girl an extra sense of danger? Or is it the thought of the hairdye stains all over the bathroom? OK, probably not that last one. You have to ask yourself if girls dye their hair wild colours because they’re wild on the inside or whether the daring hair gives them the bottle to lead a wild life too. Whatever the answer to that, girls with crazy hair are hot… .... Continue reading Daring Hair

Posted by Miranda

19 Apr 2007

Sabotage Blamed In Porn Switcheroo

pornsabotage.jpg Picture>

"Hi, I'm Tom Brokaw. On tonight's show, fist fucking...."

You'd have to have no sense of humour at all to not find this hilarious.

.... Continue reading Sabotage Blamed In Porn Switcheroo

Posted by Steve

18 Apr 2007

Girls Gone Wild

girlsgonewild.jpg Picture>

I can go wild without getting drunk, you know. If The OC comes on the TV unexpectedly, for instance.

It seems that those Girls Gone Wild have landed themselves in a spot of trouble. I'm surprised it's taken this long, to be honest.

.... Continue reading Girls Gone Wild

Posted by Steve

16 Apr 2007

What's In A Name?

lesguide.jpg Picture>

Lesbian porn gets a bit of a raw deal in the terminology department. When it comes to gay porn there are loads of different terms - Twinks, Bears, Hunks... the list goes on. But what about lesbian porn? Well, the 'L' word is as far as it goes... .... Continue reading What's In A Name?

Posted by Miranda

15 Apr 2007

Porn Or No Porn

cornell.jpg Picture>

Even Ivy League universities aren't porn free.

It's not every day you see an interesting article about porn from a student at Cornell University. But even Ivy Leaguers like porn sometimes.

.... Continue reading Porn Or No Porn

Posted by Steve

13 Apr 2007

Jenna Jameson Is The New Mrs Garrison?

jenna-vagina.jpg Picture>

If Jenna starts balding, start worrying.

The world of Jenna Jameson continues to unfold around her ears with some utterly bizarre stories.

.... Continue reading Jenna Jameson Is The New Mrs Garrison?

Posted by Steve

11 Apr 2007

Pantyhose Stockings

pantyhosestockings.jpg Picture>

Needless to say she's better looking than the site itself.

It's often said that beauty is only skin deep. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. These sayings are pretty difficult to adhere to in the case of Pantyhose Stockings. .... Continue reading Pantyhose Stockings

Posted by Steve

10 Apr 2007

I Shoot My Girl

ishootmygirl.jpg Picture>

Most of the images are like this on the site. It's a bit like looking at somebody arseing around in a photo booth hundreds of times over.

I Shoot My Girl is the latest site where a couple shows off their sexual prowess and attempts to make us all jealous. .... Continue reading I Shoot My Girl

Posted by Steve

08 Apr 2007

ICANN-Not Believe It!

xxxdomains.jpg Picture>

So the long-fabled .XXX website suffix for adult sites has been rejected once again. But should we really care one way or the other? .... Continue reading ICANN-Not Believe It!

Posted by Miranda

07 Apr 2007

Porn In Libraries

pornlibrary.jpg Picture>

The type of girl you will start imagining you are seeing in libraries if you view too much porn there.

This story is as surprising as it is delightful. Well, if you live in Sacramento, that is. Doesn't make a blind bit of difference to me.

.... Continue reading Porn In Libraries

Posted by Steve

06 Apr 2007

Buses In Porn

busporn.jpg Picture>

Hmm, I thought you paid to get on a bus, not the other way round.

What's with all the buses in porn these days?

.... Continue reading Buses In Porn

Posted by Steve

03 Apr 2007 Fights Porn Piracy

pornpiracy.jpg Picture>

Lexi Love, looking rather more energetic than she probably did at the end of her 4 hour shoot.

Having already hit the headlines on this here blog during this entry, those pioneering fellows are at it again in the fight against porn piracy.

.... Continue reading Fights Porn Piracy

Posted by Steve

02 Apr 2007

Ray Spade's Vintage Amateurs

rayspade.jpg Picture>

I'm sure ropes weren't made for this type of thing.

Ray Spade's Vintage Amateurs is finally a site that deserves to be labelled as a 'retro' offering.

.... Continue reading Ray Spade's Vintage Amateurs

Posted by Steve

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