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Blog articles for April, 2008

30 Apr 2008

Creampied Sweeties

creampiedsweeties.jpg Picture>

Might want to get those toys out of the way, love....

I was extremely naive when I came into watching and reviewing hardcore porn several years ago. I was under the mistaken impression that, y'know, cumshots would largely end up mostly inside of the young ladies.

.... Continue reading Creampied Sweeties

Posted by Steve

29 Apr 2008

Brazzers Porn Mega site adnd Network

brazzers.jpg Picture>

"Hand over the Ricky Martin CD immediately!"

We have a new love here on Honest Porn Reviews. It's a love that's been born from being bombarded with oodles of big-titted, big-assed voluptuous pornstars fucking lots of heavily hung guys - just the way porn should be....?

.... Continue reading Brazzers Porn Mega site adnd Network

Posted by Steve

28 Apr 2008

Now Recruiting Cougars!

cougar.jpg Picture>

There are some great sites out there for fresh, young talent aged 18+. There are also some great sites featuring the more mature woman, with hot, sexy MILFs and lusty cougars. Both are great genres, I’m sure lots of you will agree. But sometimes you just want the best of both worlds. Well, I think we’ve found just that, in the form of Cougar Recruits! .... Continue reading Now Recruiting Cougars!

Posted by Miranda

27 Apr 2008

Best Of English talent !

bestofenglish.jpg Picture>

Sophie Dee, big on....erm, eyes.

Today is St George's Day over here in England, an occasion celebrated by hanging a few flags out and not much else actually. Compared to St Patrick's Day, the efforts of the English are completely pathetic really.

.... Continue reading Best Of English talent !

Posted by Steve

25 Apr 2008

Fist Flush Hardcore Fisting in High Def

fistflush.jpg Picture>

"Hmm, should fit just nicely!"

It's been a long, long time since I saw a site which made me wince. Even all those cock and ball torture bits that you see quite a lot on domination and fetish sites don't take to make me wince - I'm a real man's man!

.... Continue reading Fist Flush Hardcore Fisting in High Def

Posted by Steve

24 Apr 2008

Eva Angelina Buxom Hardcore porn star

eva-angelina.jpg Picture>

An unusually goth-looking Eva Angelina.

Since I started reviewing porn at the end of 2004, the rise and rise of a number of pornstars has been fascinating to me, especially those that have gained most of their fame through adventures on the internet.

.... Continue reading Eva Angelina Buxom Hardcore porn star

Posted by Steve

21 Apr 2008

Sandy's Fantasies

sandysfantasies.jpg Picture>

You definitely couldn't say that she has a face for radio.

There's been an unmitigated outbreak of honesty on some porn sites that I've seen this year, with a sudden realisation amongst some networks that their members might actually appreciate it if they weren't treated like idiots.

.... Continue reading Sandy's Fantasies

Posted by Steve

20 Apr 2008

Of Parties And Porn

parties-porn.jpg Picture>

What are they doing under that table?!

I've had question marks about the partying niche before and whether there is really that big an audience for such sites. I'll always have my reservations about them but, to show I'm a balanced chap, here are some reasons why it might work.

.... Continue reading Of Parties And Porn

Posted by Steve

19 Apr 2008

From Porn To Mainstream

porntomainstream.jpg Picture>

I always thought Stormy was a great name for a pornstar.

A subject that often crops up in this blog is with regard to pornstars making a successful transition to the mainstream, usually in connection to the latest Jenna Jameson occurrence, as it turns out.

.... Continue reading From Porn To Mainstream

Posted by Steve

16 Apr 2008

Carmen Electra On Your Wii?

carmen-wii.jpg Picture>

Coming soon to your Wii!

Video gaming has become far too complicated over the last 5 years or so. I remember the days when you had one button to press and a joystick to move and that was it. Nowadays it really isn't that simple.

.... Continue reading Carmen Electra On Your Wii?

Posted by Steve

15 Apr 2008

Riley Mason Porn star

rileymason.jpg Picture>

Now that's an example of a petite girl with a WHOA ass!

We like pornstars of all shapes and sizes here on Honest Porn Reviews. We like curvy, classic pornstars, but we also like the edgier and more petite stars who are starting to become more prevalent in the industry.

.... Continue reading Riley Mason Porn star

Posted by Steve

14 Apr 2008

Doctor Adventures reprise

doctoradventures1.jpg Picture>

Say ahhhhhhh....

It's not often we make another visit to a site for a blog entry within the space of just over a week, but I think in the case of today's subject matter it's probably justified - it's probably our highest rated site of the year so far.

.... Continue reading Doctor Adventures reprise

Posted by Steve

12 Apr 2008

Katja Kassin best assets

katja-kassin.jpg Picture>

She doesn't hide her best assets, does she?

We like many things on Honest Porn Reviews. Obviously, porn is one thing. But as a subset of that, we like Katja Kassin. Actually, scrap that - we LOVE Katja Kassin. Let's give you a few reasons why.

.... Continue reading Katja Kassin best assets

Posted by Steve

10 Apr 2008

Geek Girls Online - Geekcore ?

geekgirlsonline.jpg Picture>

I don't care how hot she is, I still hate Harry Potter.

I think the word 'geekcore' would be a very apt one to describe some of the shenanigans featured on today's site - although its initial invention had absolutely nothing to do with pornography whatsoever.

.... Continue reading Geek Girls Online - Geekcore ?

Posted by Steve

09 Apr 2008

Puff Cash - Whats with the fruity site names

puffcash.jpg Picture>

If you just saw that logo, you'd probably start thinking of smoothies rather than porn.

The online world of pornography is a complicated one - far more complicated than a few people getting naked, lots of bodily fluids and maybe, just maybe, the use of some whips, chains or long pieces of vegetation.

.... Continue reading Puff Cash - Whats with the fruity site names

Posted by Steve

08 Apr 2008

Dangerous Toys?

dildos_silicone.jpg  Picture>

Whoever said toys were child’s play?

Surely no one can have escaped the last year’s dangerous toy crisis. Every other day some such toy was being recalled for lead paint or for chewing someone’s fingers off or some such hazard. Well, it seems the adult industry is the latest to be talking about dangerous toys – but this time of the sex variety!

.... Continue reading Dangerous Toys?

Posted by Miranda

05 Apr 2008

MILF Soup - New MILF hardcore site from Bangbros

milfsoup.jpg Picture>

There are women, out there somewhere, who actually look like this. I need to move there.

The fact of the matter is that we're rounding off our tribute to Bang Bros with a tribute to a mature MILF site that had been playing on my mind as deserving of more coverage than I gave it yesterday.

.... Continue reading MILF Soup - New MILF hardcore site from Bangbros

Posted by Steve

04 Apr 2008

In Praise Of Bang Bros - 2!

bangbros2.jpg Picture>

That's going to be a damn big bowl of soup.

So yesterday I was telling you all how great those Bang Bros are and today I'm going to to continue telling you how great they are. Actually, today I'm going to focus on how great they are going to be!

.... Continue reading In Praise Of Bang Bros - 2!

Posted by Steve

03 Apr 2008

In Praise Of Bang Bros - Part 1

bangbros1.jpg Picture>

"Gee, I hope a bus comes by pretty soon...."

For the next two days I'm going to be making a whole load of a fuss over one of the finest networks in existence, and one that pioneered a number of porn styles that have gone on to be imitated by many others in the process.

.... Continue reading In Praise Of Bang Bros - Part 1

Posted by Steve

02 Apr 2008

Doctor Adventures

doctoradventures.jpg Picture>

I think I'm developing a temperature....

Some fetishes are as old as the hills and are no real surprise when you come across them in a site. But you just wonder how some ever got started at all.

.... Continue reading Doctor Adventures

Posted by Steve

01 Apr 2008

Pirates by Digital Playground

piratesxxx.jpg Picture>

Carmen Luvana. Insert pirate porn gag here.

There seems to be an ever-growing addiction in the upper echelons of the porn industry to carry the business somewhere closer to Hollywood - and to be perfectly honest to you I don't really understand that at all.

.... Continue reading Pirates by Digital Playground

Posted by Steve

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