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Blog articles for August, 2007

31 Aug 2007

Socks In Porn

socks.jpg Picture>

What's with that crap sofa?

Following on from a recent entry I wrote about the lack of focus on short-haired girls in porn, I'd like to focus on something else that I think is bizarrely neglected in porn circles - and that is the humble sock.

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Posted by Steve

30 Aug 2007

Hair Today....?

hairtoday.jpg Picture>

I'm pretty sure that hair is photoshopped.

I've been thinking a fair bit about hairy girls recently. It's not something I normally do, although I do spend much of my time thinking about girls - just not hairy ones in particular. Indeed, I do tend to like them being less hairy.

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Posted by Steve

29 Aug 2007

Jenna Officially Retires

jenna-retires.jpg Picture>

Goodbye, girls. It's been fun.

I don't want it to seem like I'm picking on Jenna Jameson or anything. I'm not. I don't think she should be as highly rated as she has been but there's no doubting that she's been a huge star and has done a lot for the industry.

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Posted by Steve

27 Aug 2007

One Man Banned

onemanbanned.jpg Picture>

Any excuse for an Alicia Rhodes picture.

One thing I like about being a porn reviewer, aside from the obvious, is watching a site develop over the years. I've now been a reviewer for long enough now to have seen a new site a couple of years ago and to have seen it develop into something bigger and better.

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Posted by Steve

26 Aug 2007

Navarro Turns To Porn Direction

navarro.jpg Picture>

How much do we wish she was still married to him now?

I must say that this sounds like a great idea. Admittedly, I doubt they are ever going to be able to attract REALLY big name celebrities to this project, for reasons that should be perfectly obvious to anyone.

.... Continue reading Navarro Turns To Porn Direction

Posted by Steve

25 Aug 2007

Mattel Sues To Keep Barbie Off Porn Site

barbie.jpg Picture>

Ken's behind the camera telling her to play with her nipples. Maybe.

When will these people learn ? We've had the ridiculous battles that Mariah Carey has undertaken against Mary Carey regarding the use of names, but it seems that Mattel just haven't learned at all.

.... Continue reading Mattel Sues To Keep Barbie Off Porn Site

Posted by Steve

24 Aug 2007

Louis De Mirabert

louisdemirabert.jpg Picture>

The only time I wanted to see the back of her, so to speak.

I think many of you will agree that there are now far too many nude photography and softcore porn sites around. This is a problem as an impartial adult site reviewer because as much as I might be fed up with them, technically they're usually very good.

.... Continue reading Louis De Mirabert

Posted by Steve

23 Aug 2007

Mask TV

masktv.jpg Picture>

She'll fulfill your fantasies - once in a blue moon.

It's only natural to be suspicious of a site that parades around the exposure that is has recieved from mainstream media. It can quite often be a front or a cover for a site that is rather lacking in something that most porn fans would be looking for.

.... Continue reading Mask TV

Posted by Steve

22 Aug 2007

Charity In Porn

charityinporn.jpg Picture>

You always hear of charity golf events. Here's how to brighten them up....

Whilst the idea of a 24 hour 'pornathon' can only be a good thing, it does make you wonder if this is an avenue that porn could pursue more in an attempt to soften its image and gain it more respect with society in general.

.... Continue reading Charity In Porn

Posted by Steve

18 Aug 2007

Boobs On Bikes

boobsonbikes.jpg Picture>

I suddenly have the urge to take driving lessons.

Why don't we have things like this where I live? It's just not fair! We get some crappy 'carnival' with people banging drums on the back of their dad's flatbed truck and that's about it. I want topless bikers with big tits, dammit!

.... Continue reading Boobs On Bikes

Posted by Steve

17 Aug 2007

Porn House Ruled As Illegal

pornhouse-illegal.jpg Picture>

They probably need a fair few net curtains here.

Whilst Miami's Code Enforcement Board may have spoiled a lot of fun for a lot of people, at least the article gives us a chance to get a good idea about what sounds like one of the more intriguing porn premises around.

.... Continue reading Porn House Ruled As Illegal

Posted by Steve

16 Aug 2007

Gay Producer Struggles With Name

sicko.jpg Picture>

Michael Moore, definitely not in gay porn.

Whilst I think most of us can agree that much of the fun you can have with porn is to do with the comedy titles and names that you find in the industry, you have to sympathise with this guy's very tough dilemma.

.... Continue reading Gay Producer Struggles With Name

Posted by Steve

14 Aug 2007

18 Only Girls

18onlygirls.jpg Picture>

There are far more interesting things to do in a kitchen than cook....

One of the favourite subjects in this blog over the past few months has been pointing the general pointlessness of most of the teen solo sites out there. The vast majority of them are of no interest at all. But there's only one, isn't there?

.... Continue reading 18 Only Girls

Posted by Steve

12 Aug 2007

Another Reality Star Porn Story

amyalexandra.jpg Picture>

Pull, dammit, pull!

Another day, another reality TV star has done something naughty in her past. Not a great deal of surprise in that, you might think, but what staggers me is the complete lack of research from these newspapers.

.... Continue reading Another Reality Star Porn Story

Posted by Steve

11 Aug 2007

Nintendo Porn?

nintendoporn.jpg Picture>

Don't even think about it....

One of my favourite topics in this blog is with regard to obscure niches. I love trying to figure out the point behind unusual genres of porn and where the audience could be. With regard to this story, I'm afraid it's unlikely I'll figure it out any time this year.

.... Continue reading Nintendo Porn?

Posted by Steve

10 Aug 2007

Buying And Selling Domains Tops $2 Billion

domains.jpg Picture>

Zdenka Podkapova - probably not much competition for her domain names.

It's not surprising to see it reported that domain names are such a huge business now, and it's certainly not entirely surprising that porn has played a very large part in the rise of these figures, with huge figures bid for the most obvious domain names.

.... Continue reading Buying And Selling Domains Tops $2 Billion

Posted by Steve

09 Aug 2007

Ron Jeremy v Craig Gross

jeremy-gross.jpg Picture>

Scary enough to put you off just about anything.

What do you get if you put 'The Walrus Of Porn' (as I've named him) Ron Jeremy in the same room as anti-porn campaigner Craig Gross? Well, a rather amicable encounter we see 

.... Continue reading Ron Jeremy v Craig Gross

Posted by Steve

07 Aug 2007

Horny Black Mothers

hornyblackmothers.jpg Picture>

Yolanda didn't appreciate the hip massage as much as she expected.

We like sites on Honest Porn Reviews that tackle a niche or area that very few others tackle. Hence the reason why I rather enjoyed Horny Black Mothers. I've reviewed more than enough MILF / mature sites in my time to know for definite that ebony talent is not utilised nearly enough in these genres.

.... Continue reading Horny Black Mothers

Posted by Steve

06 Aug 2007

Golden Girls Gone Wild

goldengirls.jpg Picture>

The scriptwriters struggled to come up with more one-liners.

Now, does this story sound to you like it's anything other than a joke? Well, think again! This isn't the wacky capers of some internet photoshopper who has got nothing better to do with his or her time. This is a proper art exhibition that was inspired by an oil painting of a naked Bea Arthur.

.... Continue reading Golden Girls Gone Wild

Posted by Steve

04 Aug 2007

Girls Out West

girlsoutwest.jpg Picture>


So, there's this big Australian site dedicated to amateur girls ....and for a change, it's NOT Abby Winters. It's Girls Out West, a site that also happens to be dedicated to Australian amateurs, all beautifully photographed and presented in an entirely au naturale environment.

.... Continue reading Girls Out West

Posted by Steve

03 Aug 2007

Bang Bus Creator In Court

bangbus-thm.jpg Picture>

All aboard the Bang Bus!

Oh dear. He'll be wanting to sell a few more subscriptions then. Regardless of the amounts of money that are truly being battled for, this case really is a great opportunity for you to see just how much these porn webmasters can make these days. Admittedly, Bang Bus may be one of the biggest.

.... Continue reading Bang Bus Creator In Court

Posted by Steve

01 Aug 2007

Boobs Garden

boobsgarden.jpg Picture>

Pani Silk. Don't expect to see much of her.

Boobs Garden isn't a real garden. Obviously. Because if it was a real garden, it would either be pretty cool or pretty weird. It would be nice to have nice boobies growing on trees but on the other hand, would you have to water them or anything like that? Hmm.

.... Continue reading Boobs Garden

Posted by Steve

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