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Blog articles for December, 2006

30 Dec 2006

Steamy D.C. Sex Blog Scandal Heads To Court

steinbuch.jpg Picture>

Robert Steinbuch. Nice sweater, Robert. No wonder she wanted to undress you.

This story could be about the most interesting thing that has happened in the realm of sex blogs for quite some time. Depending on your point of view. .... Continue reading Steamy D.C. Sex Blog Scandal Heads To Court

Posted by Steve

29 Dec 2006

Dating Tips

datemovie.jpg Picture>

Date Movie. Not suitable for dating tips nor even the slightest bit of humour or entertainment.

One of the oddest sites I've ever reviewed is Date Women Today, an online self-help guide on how to make sure that date with the hottie from next door doesn't turn in to an utter catastrophe. .... Continue reading Dating Tips

Posted by Steve

27 Dec 2006

Music In Porn

pornmusic.jpg Picture>

The cover of a soundtrack album dedicated to music from 1970s German porn. Get it on next year's Christmas list!

Incidental and themed music are very much a part and parcel of mainstream cinema. But they have never really had quite the same effect on pornography. In fact, most music in porn is so bad that you pray at your volume knob never breaks. .... Continue reading Music In Porn

Posted by Steve

24 Dec 2006

Christmas Greetings!

melissamidwest-xmas.jpg Picture>

Melissa Midwest wishing you a happy holiday season. She can interfere with my chimney any day.

Here at Honest Porn Reviews we want to wish you a merry Christmas with some of the sexier and funnier links we've found this week. .... Continue reading Christmas Greetings!

Posted by Steve

21 Dec 2006

A Rock And A Hard Place

eroticdestinations.jpg Picture>

Some limestone rocks. Oh, and a naked blonde.

Erotic Destinations is a site that looks to use stunning locations to enhance the beauty of models. So I think you can safely say that Martin Krake won't ever be shooting any sessions at the Manchester Ship Canal. .... Continue reading A Rock And A Hard Place

Posted by Steve

20 Dec 2006

Interacting with Live Adult Web Cam girls

camgirl.jpg Picture>

A girl performing on her webcam, probably watching Family Guy in another window.

Live cam sites are springing up all over the place at the moment as the phone sex revolution slowly dies out. Now instead of taking her word for it, you can see that she really is(n't) a 19 year old blonde with 36DD breasts. .... Continue reading Interacting with Live Adult Web Cam girls

Posted by Steve

19 Dec 2006

The Paying For Sex question

harman.jpg Picture>

Harriet Harman says you shouldn't be allowed to pay for sex. She'd better break the news to some of her colleagues.

The occurrence of this story raises a fair few questions not just about the issue of 'sex for cash' in terms of prostitution, but highlights why those against such things should have such a difficult time defending their side of the argument. .... Continue reading The Paying For Sex question

Posted by Steve

18 Dec 2006

Celebrity Draw

ice-t.jpg Picture>

Ice-T and 'friend'. Don't listen to him, pimpin' bloody well IS easy!

Having just reviewed Hardcore Gangstas, a site that boasts appearances by rap legend Ice-T on its pages, one would have to ask the question as to whether there is actually any point in having such big names on porn sites? .... Continue reading Celebrity Draw

Posted by Steve

15 Dec 2006

Beware Of The Cat at Seduced by a Cougar

cougar.jpg Picture>

A cougar. Don't expect to see an enclosure full of these at your local zoo.

Even after a couple of years of reviewing porn, enough time you would think for a person to have 'seen it all', some things in the industry still completely befuddle me.

The most recent such occurrence of my befuddlement was upon reviewing Seduced By A Cougar.
.... Continue reading Beware Of The Cat at Seduced by a Cougar

Posted by Steve

14 Dec 2006

Porn In Video Games

pocketpool.jpg Picture>

A gallery of girls you can see on Pocket Pool, all of whom possess great ball control, presumably

The phrase 'pocket pool' hitherto referred to the 'art' of a gentleman playing with his private parts within the (hopefully) secure surroundings of his trouser pockets.

This new PS2 game is about to bring an entirely new meaning to the phrase, however! .... Continue reading Porn In Video Games

Posted by Steve

13 Dec 2006

Sex in a Car - Whore Wagon

whorewagon.jpg Picture>

Although I've never experienced it myself (neither me nor my wife drive), sex in a car looks an immensely uncomfortable and cramped experience. Which makes the rise of dogging all the more bizarre when you think about it.

The makers of Whore Wagon had the right idea though when they set their vehicular dicking in a stretch limo! .... Continue reading Sex in a Car - Whore Wagon

Posted by Steve

12 Dec 2006

There's Something About Mariah

mariah.jpg Picture>

Mariah Carey. Not to be confused with Mary Carey.

Have you ever struggled to tell the difference between Mary Carey and Mariah Carey? No, me neither.

But apparently, the former porn star thinks that you do. You idiot! .... Continue reading There's Something About Mariah

Posted by Steve

11 Dec 2006

The One With The Free Porn....Question

cybererotica.jpg Picture>

A Cybererotica girl in a Cybererotica t-shirt. She probably didn't have to pay for that.

For all its pappiness, Friends was occasionally a sitcom that got it absolutely right on the money. None more so than in The One With The Free Porn.

So why are paysites so reluctant to give away freebies as an enticement to buying memberships? .... Continue reading The One With The Free Porn....Question

Posted by Steve

10 Dec 2006

Keeping It Real

crackwhore.jpg Picture>

CAPTION - A crack whore. Erm, what more can I say?!

According to the Wikipedia article on the subject, pornography as a concept was not understood until the Victorian era.

I wonder though if anyone concieved back then the 'art' would be used by people for the sexual portrayal of crack addicts. Probably unlikely. .... Continue reading Keeping It Real

Posted by Steve

08 Dec 2006

Beying For Blood

johnbeyer.jpg Picture>

CAPTION - John Beyer - campaigner, crusader and hero. In the Bizarro World.

If you're fed up of looking at porn sites that advertise themselves as featuring virginal girls being deflowered, and you live in the UK, you might want to check out this programme.

You've got to love television. Sometimes .... Continue reading Beying For Blood

Posted by Steve

07 Dec 2006

Lindsay Lohan flashes

lindsaylohan.jpg Picture>

Hey, sometimes she does wear underwear, see?

I don't know what's with this sudden deluge of female celebrities that are having their private parts captured on camera by the paparazzi. Either the photographers are getting a hell of a lot better, or underwear stocks the world over are running out. .... Continue reading Lindsay Lohan flashes

Posted by Steve

06 Dec 2006

Sporn - A New Genre where sport and porn collide ?

sportporn.jpg Picture>

I dare say many of you out there really aren't at all interested in sport. But, dare I say it, you are interested in porn.

What would you say though if the world of sport and porn collided ? .... Continue reading Sporn - A New Genre where sport and porn collide ?

Posted by Steve

05 Dec 2006

The Filth And The Fury

paparazzifilth.jpg Picture>

With more and more celebrities being silly enough to agree to be filmed having sex, celebrity sites such as Paparazzi Filth are likely to become more common. The most recent such celebrity is probably Imogen Thomas, the undeniably stunning British Big Brother contestant who did very well in the most recent series of that show, and has subsequently gone on to become something of a star on the 'lad's mag' circuit.

But are such sites quite as relevant and worthy of fuss as they seem to be? .... Continue reading The Filth And The Fury

Posted by Steve

04 Dec 2006

The Suicide Girls Effect

razordolls.jpg Picture>

Prior to the influential and now widely praised and embraced site Suicide Girls, I can't remember many community based sites dedicated to the goth / punk / raver girl niches. Then, remarkably, plenty seemed to have sprung up within a pretty short space of time.

The question you have to ask is whether imitation is the most sincere form of flattery or whether we actually need a bunch of other sites springing up of pretty much the same sort of thing. .... Continue reading The Suicide Girls Effect

Posted by Steve

02 Dec 2006

One of the hottest girl girl lesbian movies I have seen !

liandraava.jpg Picture>

A few days ago I received an amazing surprise in the mail. It was a DVD produced by called Girls Get it On. At first I thought "Oh Well" just another movie in the many 1000's I see but when I popped it into the DVD player out of curiosity, I was so blown away.  It featured  one of the very best amateur lesbian movies, I have seen to date. This DVD featured two sets of lesbians each with their own full length movie of about 50 minutes .... Continue reading One of the hottest girl girl lesbian movies I have seen !

Posted by Harry

01 Dec 2006

Busty and Real

bustyandreal.jpg Picture>

Have you ever done the OK Cupid test ? You should do. Or at least, you should use it a lot if you're going to become a porn reviewer. Use it to practice, if you would. It will stand you in good stead when you review sites such as Busty And Real. .... Continue reading Busty and Real

Posted by Steve

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