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Blog articles for February, 2008

29 Feb 2008

Advice Columns

advicecolumns.jpg Picture>

Careful, your wife might catch you looking at this!

"Dear Steve, please help me! I caught my husband looking at some porn yesterday on his laptop, and I don't know what to do! Should I divorce him, throw him out the house and burn everything he owns? Thank you, from Carol."

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Posted by Steve

28 Feb 2008

Flexi Fetish Girls

flexifetishgirls.jpg Picture>

# Living in a box, LIVING! #

2008 has so far been a year of trends, we've been seeing sites from different niches and fetishes that we might normally not have expected to have seen play such a major part in the year so far.

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Posted by Steve

27 Feb 2008

News Round Up

newsroundup.jpg Picture>

She can't act, but she can pose!

It's one of those weekends where I've seen lots of news stories and various bits and pieces that have interested me about the adult industry, so let's have a little bit of a round-up about what's going on!

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Posted by Steve

25 Feb 2008

Club Relish

clubrelish.jpg Picture>

Something to relish....

Is it wrong that I'm far more proud of quality British porn sites than I am of our Royal Family?

.... Continue reading Club Relish

Posted by Steve

23 Feb 2008

Beckham Porn?

beckhamporn.jpg Picture>

This is really the Beckham I want to see in porn.

After yesterday's story about the latest celebrity to be involved in some porn shenanigans, the last thing I expected was for another celebrity-related porn story to be my next subject for this blog. But as it turns out....

.... Continue reading Beckham Porn?

Posted by Steve

21 Feb 2008

Gene Simmons Sex Tape

genesimmons.jpg Picture>

It's less than likely he's made up like this in the video.

It's got to a point where there are now so many celebrity sex videos or celebrity sex video rumours floating around that we might have to start a new blog chronicling all of these videos!

.... Continue reading Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Posted by Steve

20 Feb 2008

'Violent' Porn Flick Prompts Apology

porn-yale.jpg Picture>

Paul Thomas - rather unpopular at Yale now.

I saw a story last week that a fabled porn library that had allegedly been hidden away in a vault in a library at Cambridge University for decades was in fact a collection of fairly gentle Victorian love stories.

.... Continue reading 'Violent' Porn Flick Prompts Apology

Posted by Steve

19 Feb 2008

Cable Guy Sex

cableguysex.jpg Picture>

Another guy you don't want to see in porn.

As much as things in society may have advanced in society, there will always be something of a desire for a hark back to the good old days. And that's very much the way things are in porn as well.

.... Continue reading Cable Guy Sex

Posted by Steve

18 Feb 2008

Nylon Strapon

nylonstrapon.jpg Picture>

"So, where's your stockings, then?"

The key to innovation in porn, in my opinion, does not necessarily lie in trying to uncover new fetishes, genres or crazes. The likelihood would be that someone will have got there way before you have.

.... Continue reading Nylon Strapon

Posted by Steve

16 Feb 2008

Virtual Panty Girls

virtualpantygirls.jpg Picture>

It's not Scooby Doo, is it?

A constant complaint of mine about the adult industry in the West is that we just don't seem to commit ourselves at all to animation. Hentai is a HUGE business in Japan after all - why do you think they make so many hentai movies?

.... Continue reading Virtual Panty Girls

Posted by Steve

15 Feb 2008

Abby Winters Makes An AEE Splash

abby-aee.jpg Picture>

The girls of Abby Winters picking up a well-deserved prize.

The reports about this year's Adult Entertainment Expo still continue to flood in, and whilst a lot has been made of the presence of religious campaigners and the suchlike, maybe more focus should have been made somewhere else.

.... Continue reading Abby Winters Makes An AEE Splash

Posted by Steve

14 Feb 2008

Wet Panty Lickers

wetpantylickers.jpg Picture>

The blue ones taste best. Apparently.

There are some genres of porn that come along that do genuinely make you wonder how they ever came into existence. Some are completely obvious and, to a certain extent, more natural. But others?

.... Continue reading Wet Panty Lickers

Posted by Steve

13 Feb 2008

Weekend Porn-A-Rama

pornarama.jpg Picture>

This woman is NOT a porn star. Guaranteed.

Sometimes when I'm trawling through the internet looking for porn-related stories to fill this blog with, I come across some that don't quite warrant a full entry on their own, but are still worthy of some discussion.

.... Continue reading Weekend Porn-A-Rama

Posted by Steve

11 Feb 2008

Brand New Faces

brandnewfaces.jpg Picture>

That's Makali Chanel - we like her.

Something that the porn industry seems to conveniently forget when it has sites that are supposed to feature brand new talents or amateurs, is that there are some girls out there that are aged above 18 or 19.

.... Continue reading Brand New Faces

Posted by Steve

10 Feb 2008

Drunk Wild Girls

drunkwildgirls.jpg Picture>

The dudes in the background wondered what was with all the cameras.

It's something of a mystery to me, personally, as someone who doesn't drink, just how drunk you would have to get to flash your boobs for a total stranger wielding a video camera. Not that I have boobs either, obviously.

.... Continue reading Drunk Wild Girls

Posted by Steve

09 Feb 2008

Gangbang Playground

gangbangplayground.jpg Picture>

Rocco Sifredi - plays a 'big part' here.

So stupid do porn sites think we are that even threesomes are often passed off as 'insane gangbang action' or 'awesome group sex orgies'. No. Content of that description should contain FAR more than 3 people.

.... Continue reading Gangbang Playground

Posted by Steve

08 Feb 2008

Hong Kong Porn Scandal

hongkong.jpg Picture>

Maggie Q - might be caught in some compromising situations.

As I like to do often, the news story I spotted this morning rather reminds me of a scene from the South Park episode Cripple Fight - and no, it's not the marvellous redoing of the They Live fight scene.

.... Continue reading Hong Kong Porn Scandal

Posted by Steve

07 Feb 2008

'Real' versus 'Fake'

real-fake.jpg Picture>

You've just got to love Abby Winters.

I've found in the last few months when researching my blog entries that the consistently most interesting site for tidbits about the porn and adult industry is, so congrats to them on being so good so often.

.... Continue reading 'Real' versus 'Fake'

Posted by Steve

06 Feb 2008

Lesbian Fanatics

lesbianfanatics.jpg Picture>

Who said pornography was a glamorous business?

I think, to be fair, if we look back at all the genres in porn that the one genre that might cause the most debate as to its legitimacy is the lesbian category. And, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you why I think that is.

.... Continue reading Lesbian Fanatics

Posted by Steve

05 Feb 2008

Deep Throat To Be Shown On Dutch TV

deepthroat-holland.jpg Picture>

This, and a lot more, coming soon to Dutch TV!

It's been interesting over the last few years to watch how mainstream television has become altogether more receptive to sexual content than it used to be. And now, it seems, it has take one further step up to hardcore pornography.

.... Continue reading Deep Throat To Be Shown On Dutch TV

Posted by Steve

04 Feb 2008

Porn And Pop

pornandpop.jpg Picture>

Do you REALLY want to see this man in porn? Thought not.

It's funny what can happen in a week. All of a sudden in the last couple of days, no less than three stories have emerged almost all at once talking about the dalliances that three pop stars have had with or near porn.

.... Continue reading Porn And Pop

Posted by Steve

01 Feb 2008

Toxic Goddess

toxicgoddess.jpg Picture>


There's a rather scurillous rumour doing the rounds on several sites that I noticed when researching this blog entry that the subject of today's entry was named after a fairly recent hit by a certain Miss Britney Spears.

.... Continue reading Toxic Goddess

Posted by Steve

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