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31 Jan 2007

Voyeur Or Vo-Yawn?


I presume the photographer was hiding in a box or something.

Having just reviewed a site called Public Peek, it did have me wondering just what voyeur content actually should be. .... Continue reading Voyeur Or Vo-Yawn?

Posted by Steve   14:29:00

30 Jan 2007

Why Teeth And Genitalia Aren't Compatible


The poster for Teeth. Love at first bite?

A lot of fuss is being made about this upcoming film, but really, there is no need to get so excited. .... Continue reading Why Teeth And Genitalia Aren't Compatible

Posted by Steve   13:14:00

29 Jan 2007

When Is A Gimmick Not A Gimmick?


A still from Big Sausage Pizza. With extra meat.

It seems to me that many companies will come out with the weirdest and wackiest concepts in an attempt to attract punters. But some of them end right with the title. .... Continue reading When Is A Gimmick Not A Gimmick?

Posted by Steve   17:09:00

27 Jan 2007

Vintage Porn from the 70s and 80s


Ginger Lynn, probably still rather hot right now.

Is there much of a market for retro porn? Do the types of sex scenes you see in movies from the 70s and 80s actually have much appeal to us in the 21st century? .... Continue reading Vintage Porn from the 70s and 80s

Posted by Steve   12:51:00

25 Jan 2007

The Best Of Amateur - Part 2


She certainly isn't. Life simply isn't that kind.  Image courtesy of Sammy4u 

Yesterday I had a look at the best amateur sites around. Today I do the same except where just one amateur is concerned! .... Continue reading The Best Of Amateur - Part 2

Posted by Steve   18:02:00

24 Jan 2007

The Best Of Amateur - Part 1


Alicia from the marvellous Matt's Models. Since when is amateurism a bad thing?

The niche that arguably scores the highest out of all on Honest Porn Reviews is the amateur genre. And that's funny when you think about it. .... Continue reading The Best Of Amateur - Part 1

Posted by Steve   17:36:00

20 Jan 2007

Scarlett To Play Porn Star?


We need this woman to get naked. VERY SOON.

The unlikely source of NZ Herald tells us that the delightful Scarlett Johansson is being touted to play Jenna Jameson in a mainstream film of her life. Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? .... Continue reading Scarlett To Play Porn Star?

Posted by Steve   15:01:00

18 Jan 2007

AVN Awards - Jessica Drake big winner


Jessica Drake, one of the big winners at this year's AVN Awards.

The results are in from this year's AVN Awards. The verdict? BORING. .... Continue reading AVN Awards - Jessica Drake big winner

Posted by Steve   17:39:00

17 Jan 2007

The Nine Things Men Masturbate To


You know you want to.

The Feast reckons that there are nine things that men masturbate to. Recognise any familiar themes there? .... Continue reading The Nine Things Men Masturbate To

Posted by Steve   14:21:00

16 Jan 2007

Porn Company Buys Historic SF Armory For $14.5 Million


The armory in question. Gas station not included.

This news story has certainly captured my imagination today. Sounds perfect for a porn dungeon! .... Continue reading Porn Company Buys Historic SF Armory For $14.5 Million

Posted by Steve   18:18:00

15 Jan 2007



Three of the stars of Bi-Bi-American Pie. No apple pie shagging here.

Why aren't bisexual sites more popular? Or, more precisely, why aren't there more of them? .... Continue reading Bye-Bi-Sexual?

Posted by Steve   18:03:00

13 Jan 2007

Japanese Bukkake Orgy


The cover of Gokkun Club, one of the videos featured on Japanese Bukkake Orgy. That's not milk, methinks.

If you're looking for an object lesson in how to produce a really good bukkake site, look no further than Japanese Bukkake Orgy. .... Continue reading Japanese Bukkake Orgy

Posted by Steve   12:08:00

12 Jan 2007

When Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story


Monica Sweetheart, star of one of the only personality site in this network. Any excuse for a photo of her.

Depending on which historical figure you choose to believe, either Benjamin Disraeli or Mark Twain may have coined the phrase, "There are three types of lies - lies, damn lies and statistics."

Personally, I think the latter is the biggest misleader of all. .... Continue reading When Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story

Posted by Steve   11:35:00

11 Jan 2007

Size Doesn't Matter


Dani Woodward. Not particularly big of breast, but huge on smouldering hotness du jour.

How does a fairly poor boob-obsessed site show that such sites don't always have to be about size of knocker? Somehow, Boobtropolis managed it. .... Continue reading Size Doesn't Matter

Posted by Steve   10:57:00

10 Jan 2007

Thailand Bans Buddha Porn


A site currently in the news is Buddha Porn, a site that has just been banned in Thailand. .... Continue reading Thailand Bans Buddha Porn

Posted by Steve   10:48:00

08 Jan 2007

Why We Need More Husband And Wife Sites


Jill Hansen, I assure you. She's a bit shy, it seems!

What porn needs right now is a huge influx of husband and wife sites. Just as long as said couple are not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We could all do without that. .... Continue reading Why We Need More Husband And Wife Sites

Posted by Steve   16:18:00

06 Jan 2007

The Facial Debate (Part 2)


No, wrong again. Wouldn't mind giving her the right type of one though.

Yesterday I asked why facial cumshots are so prevalent in pornography. Today I illustrate the different ways that such climaxes are administered and reached. .... Continue reading The Facial Debate (Part 2)

Posted by Steve   13:23:00

05 Jan 2007

The Facial Debate (Part 1)


No, not THAT type of facial.

Why do about 90% of hardcore sex sessions end in a facial cumshot? A question I've pondered for a couple of years now, but one I still haven't completely found the answer to. .... Continue reading The Facial Debate (Part 1)

Posted by Steve   17:12:00

04 Jan 2007

Does Porn Cause Brain Damage?


Anybody spotted wearing this t-shirt should be shot. Along with those that wear Che Guevara ones.

This page lists a bunch of scientifically dubious conclusions that were jumped to in 2006, with the latter in particular being an interesting one. .... Continue reading Does Porn Cause Brain Damage?

Posted by Steve   17:07:00

03 Jan 2007

Evangelicals Are Addicted To Porn


As good an advert for regular church-going as I think you could find.

It seems that no-one is safe from porn. Not even Christians. .... Continue reading Evangelicals Are Addicted To Porn

Posted by Steve   17:59:00

02 Jan 2007

The Coventry Carol


A long road in Coventry. About as exciting as it gets, really.

According to the excellent guys at, the city of Coventry is the vibrator capital of Britain. .... Continue reading The Coventry Carol

Posted by Steve   17:37:00

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