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Blog articles for January, 2008

31 Jan 2008

The Beast

thebeast.jpg Picture>

Beauty....where's the beast?

It's not often I talk about mainstream cinema on this blog, for obvious reasons. This is a porn blog and there isn't a hell of a lot of pornography in mainstream cinema for one reason or another.

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Posted by Steve

30 Jan 2008

Employees Fired For Viewing Porn At Work

employeesfired.jpg Picture>

See, offices CAN be sexy!

Some weird statistic last year mentioned that US businesses were losing something like $1 billion per year from employees using the internet at work to look at porn. How DO they figure out these statistics? They're just guessing!

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Posted by Steve

29 Jan 2008

AVN Award Winners 2008

avn2008.jpg Picture>

Sasha Grey, a deserved winner at this year's awards.

So, it's that time of year again where award ceremonies take over and dominate the world it seems - and not just in mainstream cinema as well, but also in the adult industry...

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Posted by Steve

27 Jan 2008

Viv Thomas

vivthomas.jpg Picture>

A rare picture of the man himself - he's bound to be thirsty after all those nude women.

You know how I've kept going on in the last week or so about how it's been, as far as I'm concerned, a very good and interesting start to the year in terms of the quality of sites? Well, I'm going to start sounding like a stuck record!

.... Continue reading Viv Thomas

Posted by Steve

24 Jan 2008

Voyeur Russian

voyeurrussian.jpg Picture>

I've never wanted to go to a Russian beach quite so much before.

I'm fascinated in general by sites that set their sights on one country and one country only. Even more impressive than that is when the sites manage to be far bigger in size than sites in their genre that embrace the whole world.

.... Continue reading Voyeur Russian

Posted by Steve

23 Jan 2008

Get Rich In Porn

getrichinporn.jpg Picture>

Naked women and money - porn is great.

After my complaint at the end of last year that 2007 had been a largely dull year for porn, 2008 has started off with more interesting and unusual sites in its firsat couple of weeks than last year probably managed in a few months.

.... Continue reading Get Rich In Porn

Posted by Steve

22 Jan 2008

Shiny Superheroines

shinysuperheroines.jpg Picture>

Almost enough to make you want to get stuck up a tree, isn't it?

It strikes me that if porn producers looked back on simple television series, movies, books and comic books from down the decades, they'd find oodles more fetish ideas that they could produce sites for.

.... Continue reading Shiny Superheroines

Posted by Steve

21 Jan 2008

Jenna Retires again

jenna-retirement.jpg Picture>

Jenna Jameson and a VERY large man. No more disparaging remarks from me then.

There's no doubting that aside from me complaining about the amount of DVD download sites, the top subject of this blog last year was Miss Jenna Jameson. So, why not start the year as I presumably mean to go on....

.... Continue reading Jenna Retires again

Posted by Steve

18 Jan 2008

Wanted List

wantedlist.jpg Picture>

No, not that type of wanted list!

If ever you needed an example of just how quickly the porn industry moves these days, you need look no further than the latest DVD and video download site that I had the chance of reviewing recently.

.... Continue reading Wanted List

Posted by Steve

15 Jan 2008

Pretty Lil Panties

prettylilpanties.jpg Picture>

Expect a LOT more of these.

You know, most porn or adult sites actually miss out on one of the most obvious selling points of having a site on which girls are going to be nude or, at the very least, semi-nude. It's so obvious that it might actually be easy to miss.

.... Continue reading Pretty Lil Panties

Posted by Steve

14 Jan 2008

Honesty In Porn

honesty.jpg Picture>

Houston - has seen better days.

In researching this article, I discovered that Houston once sold her labia for around $10,000 in an online auction. Well, they do say you can find just about anything on eBay....

.... Continue reading Honesty In Porn

Posted by Steve

13 Jan 2008

AEE Opens Up To Porn Fans

aee-fans.jpg Picture>

Jamye Waxman wants to show you how to have an orgasm. Wahey.

This year's Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) has, for the first time, announced that its seminars will be open to members of the general public and not just to adult industry insiders. It's a move that has prompted debate.

.... Continue reading AEE Opens Up To Porn Fans

Posted by Steve

11 Jan 2008

Sexy Goa

sexygoa.jpg Picture>

Sexy. And in Goa.

If you were to believe porn sites, then the only thing that girls are likely to do when they go on spring or summer breaks is to get nude and get down to some serious drunken flaunting of their every body part.

.... Continue reading Sexy Goa

Posted by Steve

10 Jan 2008

Thief Gets Kicked Stealing Porn

pornburglar.jpg Picture>

They might as well have just published the victim's adress!

Many people's worst fears are dying. Or, as Jerry Seinfeld once revealed, some people actually fear speaking in public than dying - they'd prefer to be in the casket rather than doing the eulogy, as he pointed out.

.... Continue reading Thief Gets Kicked Stealing Porn

Posted by Steve

07 Jan 2008

Brickhouse Betty

brickhousebetty.jpg Picture>

Not modelled on Jenna Jameson at all. Ooh no.

In the West, we are complete crap at producing animated porn. Compared to our counterparts in Japan, our output is so inconsequential that is barely even warrants a footnote when you talk about animated porn as a whole.

.... Continue reading Brickhouse Betty

Posted by Steve

06 Jan 2008

Deaf Porn

deafporn.jpg Picture>

Savannah Jane is one of the very few full-time deaf adult stars around.

In its own unique way, the porn industry is one that I believe attempts to cater for most tastes and most backgrounds. But when it comes to catering for the hard of hearing, it's never really tried that hard.

.... Continue reading Deaf Porn

Posted by Steve

05 Jan 2008

Top 100 Most Popular Pornstars

top100.jpg Picture>

The troubled Miss Jameson predictably topped the list.

You can tell it's the New Year when you start seeing all manner of year-ending lists about the best, worst, most popular or least popular things that happened in the year before. And the porn industry is no different in that regard.

.... Continue reading Top 100 Most Popular Pornstars

Posted by Steve

04 Jan 2008

Small Breasted Amateurs

smallbreastedamateurs.jpg Picture>

A small breasted amateur, should you not understand the point of the site.

As a porn reviewer, I have to be extremely open-minded about everything that I see, regardless of whether I personally dislike a niche or don't particularly understand the point of a particular niche. All the time.

.... Continue reading Small Breasted Amateurs

Posted by Steve

03 Jan 2008

The Best Of 2007

bestof2007.jpg Picture>

Reel Pass made an impression with us, but not much else did.

So, happy New Year then. I hope the hangover is receeding and that you're looking forward to a return to work-related drudgery over the next few days. Looking back over 2007 though, what did it leave us with that was memorable?

.... Continue reading The Best Of 2007

Posted by Steve

01 Jan 2008

New Year Predictions

newyear.jpg Picture>

Spot my marvellous photoshopping.

Ahh, it's so very nearly the end of the year. Time to start drinking copious amounts of alcohol, making embarrassing passes at people you never want to see ever again, and vomiting copiously. So, much like the rest of the year then.

.... Continue reading New Year Predictions

Posted by Steve

01 Jan 2008

The Trouble With NATS

nats-security.jpg Picture>

Too Much Media with too many problems.

It's not often in these blog entries that I go behind the scenes of adult sites and how they are run because, generally, it's not particularly interesting. But one problem has arose over the last few months that is worthy of interest.

.... Continue reading The Trouble With NATS

Posted by Steve

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