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Blog articles for July, 2008

30 Jul 2008

ImLive Video Chat

imlive.jpg Picture>

You don't see many adult performances in an art gallery, do you?

Shopping around for the best live cam site is a bit of a nightmare even with the help of review sites such as ours. There are so many more elements to bear in mind than your normal adult site, but Im Live is now widely considered as the best.

.... Continue reading ImLive Video Chat

Posted by Steve

29 Jul 2008

Sophie Moone Oh So Sweet

sophiemoone-3.jpg Picture>

"The 14:27 service to Fort Worth is delayed due to a naked Hungarian porn actress on the tracks. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Although you'll find quite a lot of stars who start off with hardcore and then progress elsewhere in the industry, most actually start off with softcore and lesbian action and progress to hardcore. But Sophie Moone is very much in the former camp.

.... Continue reading Sophie Moone Oh So Sweet

Posted by Steve

28 Jul 2008

Amber Peach is Peachy

amberpeach-1.jpg Picture>

Just peachy!

There are some out there who were horrified when they found out that Amber Peach was trying to raise money for a breast enlargement operation last year. For many people, they were in agreement that you couldn't improve on perfection.

.... Continue reading Amber Peach is Peachy

Posted by Steve

27 Jul 2008

Hailey Young

haileyyoung2.jpg Picture>

"Can you take a memo please, Miss Young...."

If you're a sought after adult performer, you can have it one of two ways - you can sign a contract with a company and stick with them, or you can keep your independence and work for many companies. Hailey Young preferred the latter.

.... Continue reading Hailey Young

Posted by Steve

26 Jul 2008

Jana Jordan

janajordan.jpg Picture>

Generally speaking, they don't come much prettier than this.

Jana Jordan, by virtue of her official site Club Jana Jordan, is a performer that I'll be keeping an eye out for perhaps more than any new one that I've discovered so far this year. And we have seen some amazing new stars this year as well.

.... Continue reading Jana Jordan

Posted by Steve

25 Jul 2008

Rubber fetish sites

rubberfetish.jpg Picture>

"Open wide and say ARRRRRRGH!"

The whole rubber fetish genre is one that some people love and, indeed, some people hate. The extremely intense nature of the genre at times, with performers being tightly clad in rubber and the whole thing looking uncomfortable for them at times.

.... Continue reading Rubber fetish sites

Posted by Steve

24 Jul 2008

Leah Luv opinionated Pornstar

leahluv-3.jpg Picture>

"Shit, I left the label in this!"

Leah Luv is definitely a case of not judging a book by its cover. On the outside, lovely-looking innocent blonde girl with a name that certainly sums her looks up. On the inside, she's a fiery, verbose and opinionated young lady. I like my girls to be like that!

.... Continue reading Leah Luv opinionated Pornstar

Posted by Steve

23 Jul 2008

Jessica Dior has Magnificent Boobs

jessicadior.jpg Picture>

They are REALLY good, aren't they?

You see a lot of breasts when you're reviewing porn - almost to the point that you count them jumping over fences when you're trying to sleep at night. So it takes a very special pair indeed for me to get excited, and that's exactly what happened with Jessica Dior.

.... Continue reading Jessica Dior has Magnificent Boobs

Posted by Steve

22 Jul 2008

Bree Olson

breeolson-3.jpg Picture>

You really wouldn't kick her out of bed, would you?

There are so many pornstars and performers out there that there are bound to be a few that pass you by for the most part. In the case with Bree Olson though, it may have been a fair bit easier for her to have passed you by.

.... Continue reading Bree Olson

Posted by Steve

21 Jul 2008

Felix Vicious

felixvicious.jpg Picture>

Partially named after Sid Vicious, partially after Felix The Cat,  fortunately looks nothing like either of them.

You do find a surprisingly large amount of porn performers who name themselves at least partially after something or someone in rock music. It's pretty obvious who Felix Vicious took her cue from!

.... Continue reading Felix Vicious

Posted by Steve

20 Jul 2008

Combat Zone

combatzone.jpg Picture>

Amy Ried wasn't impressed by the new porn dress code.

Just occasionally in internet porn you have a case of a site or company 'moving house'. The most recent notable site to call the removal men in has been Combat Zone, and thankfully nothing was lost in the move.

.... Continue reading Combat Zone

Posted by Steve

19 Jul 2008

True Amateur Models

trueamateurmodels.jpg Picture>

"My earrings are so much better than hers."

When a site calls itself True Amateur Models, it's a natural response when you've been watching porn for quite some time to be on the sceptical side. But you always feel bad afterwards when you realise they deserved to be called that!

.... Continue reading True Amateur Models

Posted by Steve

18 Jul 2008

Brittney Skye

brittneyskye-2.jpg Picture>

Those dildos were getting even tastier.

I used to have a problem remembering who Brittney Skye was. I always used to get her mixed up between the mainstream actress Jennifer Sky and the hardcore pornstar Brittany Love. It's safe to say I know who she is now.

.... Continue reading Brittney Skye

Posted by Steve

17 Jul 2008

Verne Troyer Sex Tape

vernetroyer.jpg Picture>

It's probably best not to ask him what he's been doing with those.

I don't know. You wait a very long time indeed for an extremely unlikely celebrity sex tape to be brought to the public's attention, and two come along at once. First it was Jimi Hendrix, and now....wait for it, it's Verne Troyer?!

.... Continue reading Verne Troyer Sex Tape

Posted by Steve

16 Jul 2008

Powerotics Teaches Bondage

powerotics.jpg Picture>

That'll teach her to wear socks in bed.

It seems that one aspect of porn and the adult industry that is on the increase is instructional content. What with Jenna Jameson instructing us how to make love like a pornstar, now we have Powerotics teaching us how to do bondage right.

.... Continue reading Powerotics Teaches Bondage

Posted by Steve

15 Jul 2008

Cheer Girls Cheerleaders

cheergirls.jpg Picture>

What team is she on the side of? Who cares?

I don't think that genres of porn really 'die out' as such as that would require peoples' interest in them to completely die out as well. But there are some that seem to go into periods of dormancy, as Cheer Girls indirectly proves.

.... Continue reading Cheer Girls Cheerleaders

Posted by Steve

14 Jul 2008


shemuscle.jpg Picture>

Trish Stratus could kick mine and your asses.

In general, not much attention is paid on the adult circuit to girls that you would consider as 'buff' - or at least no specialist attention at least. So when a site such as SheMuscle comes along you have to make sure you pay attention.

.... Continue reading SheMuscle

Posted by Steve

13 Jul 2008

Puma Swede Swedish Porn Star

pumaswede-3.jpg Picture>

There must be easier ways to take off a thong.

I've just about been working long enough as a porn reviewer to be able to trace almost the whole career of a well-established pornstar, and although that's not quite been the case with Puma Swede, it's not far off being the case.

.... Continue reading Puma Swede Swedish Porn Star

Posted by Steve

12 Jul 2008

Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape

jimihendrix.jpg Picture>

Will they be lining up along the watchtower to see his sex tape?

Inevitably, the vast majority of sex tapes focus on people currently in the spotlight, or those seeking to have their star rise in the eyes in the general public. But in the case of the Jimi Hendrix sex tape, we're presented with something else completely.

.... Continue reading Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape

Posted by Steve

11 Jul 2008

Martin Krake

martinkrake.jpg Picture>

Chernobyl suddenly didn't look such a bad holiday destination after all.

Although we often find the time to praise a site or network or even a pornstar on this blog, it's rare we find the time or have the opportunity to talk up the talents of those behind the cameras - such as Martin Krake.

.... Continue reading Martin Krake

Posted by Steve

10 Jul 2008

Sapphic Erotica

sapphicerotica.jpg Picture>

It's easy to get distracted when changing the bed linen.

I'm led to believe that there's something of a backlash against lesbian sites at the moment. Many actual lesbians have been bemoaning the lack of actual lesbians in porn. You can understand their point - but even they would love Sapphic Erotica.

.... Continue reading Sapphic Erotica

Posted by Steve

08 Jul 2008

Twistys New Sites are great

twistys-new.jpg Picture>

Carmella Bing's Glengarry Glen Ross audition went quite well.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was discussing the relative merits of Twistys, proclaimed as the internet's biggest babe site, and why it is well and truly deserving of such a proclamation. But now it has some reinforcements....

.... Continue reading Twistys New Sites are great

Posted by Steve

07 Jul 2008

Amy Ried Porn Star

amyried-2.jpg Picture>

Amy considered taking a dip with her shoes on.

The nature of the porn industry, with its astonishing rate of production and indeed turnover of stars, means that there is always something or someone new to discover. One of my personal recent discoveries is Amy Ried.

.... Continue reading Amy Ried Porn Star

Posted by Steve

04 Jul 2008

Aria Giovanni

ariagiovanni-1.jpg Picture>

The blurry flames effect always works well, doesn't it?

Before I stumbled into porn reviewing, my early internet days looking at nude ladies were spent around free sites, picking up samples of galleries featuring some of the sexiest women around. A recurring name in those days was Aria Giovanni.

.... Continue reading Aria Giovanni

Posted by Steve

03 Jul 2008

ALS Scan

alsscan.jpg Picture>

No carpet matching the curtains here!

In many people's eyes, particularly bearing in mind what you normally would see in porn these days, sites like ALS Scan probably never needed making at all. But then, it's almost certain that this was a real pioneer in its particular genre.

.... Continue reading ALS Scan

Posted by Steve

02 Jul 2008

FTV Girls

ftvgirls.jpg Picture>

Her first time, and hopefully not her last!

The main reason why we're here, of course, is to help you decipher the vast morass of adult sites out there. But some areas are more difficult to sort out than others, evem for us. Which is why we need to bring FTV Girls to your attention.

.... Continue reading FTV Girls

Posted by Steve

01 Jul 2008

Abby Winters

abbywinters.jpg Picture>

Sounds like a pretty nice invitation to me!

It's certainly not the first time that I've taken the opportunity to discuss the wonderful Australian site Abby Winters, but with its recent well-deserrved glut of industry awards as well as a rejig, it's worth talking about again!

.... Continue reading Abby Winters

Posted by Steve

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