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Blog articles for June, 2007

28 Jun 2007

Limited Audience

limitedaudience.jpg Picture>

Somebody wasn't happy with her topiary efforts.

After recently complaining at not having seen a REALLY good newsite for ages, Limited Audience shut me up for a while.

.... Continue reading Limited Audience

Posted by Steve

27 Jun 2007

Blowjob Ninjas

blowjobninjas.jpg Picture>

No, no throwing stars here.

Blowjob Ninjas, eh? Sounds great!

.... Continue reading Blowjob Ninjas

Posted by Steve

26 Jun 2007

Phone Sex And Phone Porn

phonesex.jpg Picture>

# I just called, to say, I'm rubbing my pussy with a double-ended dong #

This story might be a set-back for you Kiwis wishing to ogle porn whilst on the move, but it got me thinking about other things to do with phones and sex.

.... Continue reading Phone Sex And Phone Porn

Posted by Steve

23 Jun 2007

Movie Room

movieroom.jpg Picture>

Anal Driller, one of the current featured titles on Movie Room.

Another day, another DVD download site, namely Movie Room. But hey - these guys care!

.... Continue reading Movie Room

Posted by Steve

21 Jun 2007

Real Blowjob Auditions

realblowjobauditions.jpg Picture>

Hilary Scott before she's covered in cum.

Why can't sites keep their concentration on their set niche for long?

.... Continue reading Real Blowjob Auditions

Posted by Steve

20 Jun 2007

Hip Hop Meets Porn

hiphopmeetsporn.jpg Picture>

Some hip-hop honeys. I wonder if this is what Afrika Bambaataa had in mind.

It has been suggested that hip-hop is dead. But hip-hop porn isn't dead as Hip Hop Meets Porn attempts to prove.

.... Continue reading Hip Hop Meets Porn

Posted by Steve

19 Jun 2007

British Slags

britishslags.jpg Picture>

Claire is a British slag. So there.

I can well imagine that there are a fair few of you non-Brits wondering exactly what British Slags means. Allow me to enlighten you.

.... Continue reading British Slags

Posted by Steve

18 Jun 2007

Porn Turns Off High Definition

hidefsnub.jpg Picture>

Don't expect to see her much bigger than this any time soon.

So just a few weeks after I reported that porn was likely to be the major player in the rise of high definition videos. Then I read this.

.... Continue reading Porn Turns Off High Definition

Posted by Steve

16 Jun 2007

Iranian Parliament Backs Porn Death Penalty

iranporn.jpg Picture>

Going here on holiday? Don't take your Penthouse!

Whilst Western nations dilly-dally around ways to cut porn out of society, Iran have taken a rather more extreme view.

.... Continue reading Iranian Parliament Backs Porn Death Penalty

Posted by Steve

14 Jun 2007

Cheating Mommies - MILFS in action

cheatingmommies.jpg Picture>

She's a cheating mommy. Shame on her!

It's been quite busy on the MILF front for us round here recently. Want to take a peek?

.... Continue reading Cheating Mommies - MILFS in action

Posted by Steve

13 Jun 2007

Celebrity Sites

celebritysites.jpg Picture>

Who hasn't seen this picture by now?

So the question on my mind on this sunny Sunday morning is - are celebrity sites worth subscribing to at all?

.... Continue reading Celebrity Sites

Posted by Steve

12 Jun 2007

Porn In The Mainstream

pornmainstream.jpg Picture>

How could they not have printed a picture of her in this article?!

This LA Daily News piece is one of a number of great articles recently in the mainstream press about porn.

.... Continue reading Porn In The Mainstream

Posted by Steve

11 Jun 2007

Free Porn Threatens Adult Film Industry

freepornthreat.jpg Picture>

See, I told you free porn is rubbish.

This article is the type of thing that you might actually get excited about if you didn't know anything about the industry.

.... Continue reading Free Porn Threatens Adult Film Industry

Posted by Steve

06 Jun 2007

Katja Kassin sexy porn star

katjakassin.jpg Picture>

The new army fatigues went down well with the lads.

This entry is in praise of Katja Kassin. And deservedly so too!

.... Continue reading Katja Kassin sexy porn star

Posted by Steve

05 Jun 2007

US Porn Industry Valued At $12 Billion

pornvaluation.jpg Picture>

Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment. Absolutely rolling in it.

This article is one of the most interesting pieces I've read about the industry I've seen recently.

.... Continue reading US Porn Industry Valued At $12 Billion

Posted by Steve

04 Jun 2007

When Is A Bonus Not A Bonus?

bonus.jpg Picture>

Why the hell would you need a bonus here?!

Bonus sites. Some people swear by them. Some people couldn't give a shit. So what's the deal with bonus sites?

.... Continue reading When Is A Bonus Not A Bonus?

Posted by Steve

03 Jun 2007

New Porn Survey

pornsurveyaus.jpg Picture>

Abby Winters - Something else nice to come out of Australia to do with porn  .

We do like a nice survey that is complimentary about porn around here.

.... Continue reading New Porn Survey

Posted by Steve

02 Jun 2007

Wife Switch

wifeswitch.jpg Picture>

Would you switch this wife?

The latest 'reality' site to raise my ire somewhat is Wife Switch.

.... Continue reading Wife Switch

Posted by Steve

01 Jun 2007

Sex Toy Exploded In Bomb Scare

sexbomb.jpg Picture>

This article probably wasn't what Tom Jones had in mind with that song.

This seems a bit extreme. But let that be a lesson to you!

.... Continue reading Sex Toy Exploded In Bomb Scare

Posted by Steve

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