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Blog articles for June, 2008

30 Jun 2008

Tera Patrick

tera1.jpg Picture>

Pretty easy to see why she's such a success story, isn't it?

It's almost become a Tera Patrick week around here on Honest Porn Reviews. It's been inadvertent, we must point out, and as far as we can tell there are no birthdays or anniversaries that it has coincided with on her behalf!

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Posted by Steve

29 Jun 2008

adult.jpg Picture>

You can see many of her movies exclusively to

Whilst this week saw a huge bidding war over the $.com and domain names, not that long ago a big battle was waged over a domain name that could, arguably, be far more profitable than either of those.

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Posted by Steve

28 Jun 2008

Twistys has very HOT porn stars

twistys.jpg Picture>

Sophie Moone, one of the undoubted stars of Twistys.

It's often said that for an adult site to be REALLY good it has to have its own, exclusive content. But we reckon there's a lot to be said for a site that is more interested in bringing you the best models in their best shoots.

.... Continue reading Twistys has very HOT porn stars

Posted by Steve

27 Jun 2008

Mature Sex

maturesex.jpg Picture>

Cathy of Cathy's Craving fame has been a huge success story.

If you go back to when hardcore porn made its big breakthrough well over 30 years ago now, most of the performers were of an older age. That's not the case any more, but there are still dozens of great sites dedicated to mature sex.

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Posted by Steve

26 Jun 2008

Lestai Lesbian Cartoon Porn

lestai.jpg Picture>

"Sorry, missed a bit."

When I grew up watching cartoons, not anywhere in my mind could I have concieved of such some of the animated stuff I would have seen well before I reached my mid-thirties. Especially the stuff on Lestai....

.... Continue reading Lestai Lesbian Cartoon Porn

Posted by Steve

25 Jun 2008

Bondage Geisha

bondagegeisha.jpg Picture>

"Yes, I like topiary, but this is ridiculous!"

If there's one way to find originality in a site that you are creating, why not just blend together two different types of sites and see what you come up with? After all, it's not as if there aren't many genres to choose from!

.... Continue reading Bondage Geisha

Posted by Steve

24 Jun 2008

Hardcore Porn

hardcoreporn.jpg Picture>


You know, I spend so much time looking at sites with something unique to offer or sites that serve a particular genre especially well, but there is one obvious category I always seem to forget - hardcore porn!

.... Continue reading Hardcore Porn

Posted by Steve

23 Jun 2008

Chicas Place

chicasplace.jpg Picture>

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to stay for coffee?"

Only over the last few months have I realised that I've taken a particular interest in 'couples' sites. By that, I mean sites that feature one couple and their sexual adventure rather than an amateurs' free-for-all.

.... Continue reading Chicas Place

Posted by Steve

22 Jun 2008

Dominated Girls & Mighty Mistress

dominatedgirls.jpg Picture>

"I told you the clothes wouldn't stay up!"

For one of our favourite networks this week it's been a tale of both the boys and the girls being in charge. And around here, there's nothing we like more than knowing that both sides are equal when it comes to porn!

.... Continue reading Dominated Girls & Mighty Mistress

Posted by Steve

21 Jun 2008

I Shoot Snatches

ishootsnatches.jpg Picture>

Britney not included, unfortunately.

At a time where female celebrities all over the world are terrified of clambering out of cars because of roving paparazzi lenses probing up their skirts, it's only natural we should start to have more sites dedicated to pussies alone....

.... Continue reading I Shoot Snatches

Posted by Steve

20 Jun 2008

Desperate Popstars

desperatepopstars.jpg Picture>

"Would you like me to do it a capella?"

I'm actually surprised that more sites don't choose to mock or take off TV series and films. After all, we all know of a load of porn movies that have used the titles of mainstream movies or TV series, don't we?

.... Continue reading Desperate Popstars

Posted by Steve

19 Jun 2008

Swirlie Girls

swirliegirls.jpg Picture>

"Mmm, tastes like chicken."

There's been a fair amount of uproar recently in the UK about the potential outlawing of so-called 'extreme porn', but do we actually know what type of 'porn', within reason, actually constitutes 'extreme'?

.... Continue reading Swirlie Girls

Posted by Steve

18 Jun 2008

I Love Thai Pussy

ilovethaipussy.jpg Picture>


Like with every type of media, there are specific things in porn that are bound to annoy a lot of people at the same time, yet networks, sites and producers continue to press ahead with them nevertheless.

.... Continue reading I Love Thai Pussy

Posted by Steve

17 Jun 2008

The Breast Expansion Story Club

breastexpansionstoryclub.jpg Picture>

Suddenly Halloween didn't look quite so scary.

Even after reviewing literally hundreds of sites over the course of several years, there are still some fetishes and niches out there that continue to elude you, and some that you may never even have heard of before.

.... Continue reading The Breast Expansion Story Club

Posted by Steve

16 Jun 2008


nip-activity.jpg Picture>

"Haven't you ever seen a naked woman before?"

There are some sites that can only be created in certain countries where certain laws are more relaxed or are not in existence at all - and it makes the porn-viewing experience an all the more cosmopolitan one as a result.

.... Continue reading Nip-Activity

Posted by Steve

14 Jun 2008

John Thompson Bukkake releases Paris Milton on VOD

johnthompsonbukkake.jpg Picture>

Forget Paris Hilton, this is Paris Milton!

You shouldn't just regard this blog as being a resource that alerts you to the hottest and most interesting new sites to have been released - you should also regard it as a news blog that brings you the best porn news!

.... Continue reading John Thompson Bukkake releases Paris Milton on VOD

Posted by Steve

13 Jun 2008

Andrew Blake

andrewblake.jpg Picture>

A screenshot from one of his best movies, Sleazy Motel.

If you tried to convince those who view porn as nothing but despicable, titillating nonsense that there are some genuine and extremely talented people working in the industry, then you would be fighting a losing battle.

.... Continue reading Andrew Blake

Posted by Steve

12 Jun 2008

Ripped Pantyhoses

rippedpantyhoses.jpg Picture>

"Maybe I should just buy a pair of my own?"

In a recent blog entry I discussed the elements of chemistry and performance in porn videos and porn sites. Today i'm wondering just how much a good build-up and a sense of reality helps you to enjoy porn.

.... Continue reading Ripped Pantyhoses

Posted by Steve

11 Jun 2008

Discount Reality Sites

discountrealitysites.jpg Picture>

One of the Insane Cock Brothas, actually looking quite sane.

Continuing our recent semi-regular inspection of the very best networks, passes and mega-sites that are around, we come across one of the very best value network passes that is in existence - guaranteed!

.... Continue reading Discount Reality Sites

Posted by Steve

10 Jun 2008

Young Libertines

younglibertines.jpg Picture>

Sandy tried to do her best Morrissey impression.

A recurring theme recent on this blog has been surrounding aspects of people that porn sites have perhaps under-represented. A couple of days ago I talked about this misuse of boobs. Today I suggest something entirely different!

.... Continue reading Young Libertines

Posted by Steve

09 Jun 2008

Aria Valentino

ariavalentino.jpg Picture>

Fancy footwork not included.

Traditionally, adult industries are built around girls with very large breasts. And although things have moved on a hell of a lot over the last few decades of the industry, it's always worth revisiting an old favourite.

.... Continue reading Aria Valentino

Posted by Steve

07 Jun 2008

It's Julia Bond Time!

julia-bond.jpg Picture>

Showing off her new ink and hair colour!

We make no apology for the fact that in the last couple of weeks we appear to have become something of a shrine dedicated to worshipping at the feet of a certain feisty, tattooed, pierced, pint-sized hardcore star.

.... Continue reading It's Julia Bond Time!

Posted by Steve

06 Jun 2008

Monster Curves

monstercurves.jpg Picture>

Ahh, just what I needed.

Although I have my own personal fetishes and preferences, I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that sometimes you just want to see a nice, huge pair of breasts and a great big ass to back them up with.

.... Continue reading Monster Curves

Posted by Steve

05 Jun 2008

Lightspeed World 2 - The Sequel!

lightspeedworld2.jpg Picture>

Tawnee Stone - forever 19, it seems.

Earlier I was talking about the Lightspeed World sites and the uniquity of its payment system, but also the relative controversy that a couple of their sites had drummed up. But they really should not have done so.

.... Continue reading Lightspeed World 2 - The Sequel!

Posted by Steve

04 Jun 2008


metart.jpg Picture>

Brazilian supermodels - how do they do it?!

One of the most pleasing aspects of a job as porn reviewer, aside from the obvious almost daily consumption of free porn, is actually being able to watch a site or a network develop into something that you hoped it might become.

.... Continue reading MetArt

Posted by Steve

03 Jun 2008

Lightspeed World

lightspeedworld.jpg Picture>

Jordan Capri, now sadly 'retired'.

One network that we've not seen a huge amount of but is one that has attacted the attention of the non-pornographic world is one that also has one of the most unique subscription systems that I've ever seen.

.... Continue reading Lightspeed World

Posted by Steve

02 Jun 2008

Private Home Clips

privatehomeclips.jpg Picture>

Don't worry, it does get more exciting after this!

It seems only natural that with the DVD market seemingly on the verge of collapse in the adult industry that someone out there must be benefitting. And they are, and it just happens to be that those who are benefitting are you and me.

.... Continue reading Private Home Clips

Posted by Steve

01 Jun 2008

agi.jpg Picture>

Lolly Badcock is the queen of British fetish porn.

The fetish market is really quite strong in the UK at the moment. It's quite ironic actually considering that legislation is pending that could stifle many of the themes that are prevalent within the fetish market.

.... Continue reading

Posted by Steve

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