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Blog articles for June, 2009

29 Jun 2009

The Birth Of Online Amateur Porn (Sort Of)

amateurporn-blog.jpg Picture>

Hot Australian Amateur
Okay, folks today we are going to talk about the history of porn. Actually if you want to be specific it's going to be a brief history of amateur porn. But, it's going to be from my experience and not from some stuffy text book. Think of it as a timeline of amateur smut from my unique persepective. So, grab your notebooks and your number two pencils and let me run you through the major points.

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Posted by David

28 Jun 2009

Cheerleaders - Pom-Poms At The Ready!

cheerleader-porn.jpg Picture>

That certainly gets a 'Rah-rah' from me!

The short skirts. The pom-poms. The ever smiling faces. The sexy dance moves. What is there NOT to like about cheerleaders? Regretfully we don't get many over here in the UK - the weather doesn't usually suit them! But the American porn industry has taken to cheerleader porn like a duck to water.

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Posted by Steve

25 Jun 2009

BDSM Porn Uncaged

bdsm-blog.jpg Picture>

Mandy Moore From Mighty Mistress
There's a wide diversity of porn sites on the web today. Their are sites for every fetish, sexual orientation and kink that you can imagine. And a lot of sites have boomed in popularity in the past few years. These include reality porn, gonzo and the sloppier bodily fluid niches. But, one genre of porn has remained a constant staple of the internet and that's BDSM.

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Posted by David

24 Jun 2009

Partying In Porn - Beastie Boys Would Be Proud!

partying-porn.jpg Picture>

"Dammit, who put Enya on the hi-fi?"

It's been a long, LONG time since the Beastie Boys implored us to fight for the right to party. But while now they're more likely to be found at a Buddhist convent meditating, how has the party reality porn genre progressed and got on in hardcore party porn? Are they worth crashing?

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Posted by Steve

22 Jun 2009

The Oldest Trick In The Book

baitbus-blog.jpg Picture>

Southern Guy Falls For The Old Bait And Switch
I visited this gay reality porn site called Bait Bus today. And as I was looking at it, it gave me an idea. So, today we're going to take a little detour and talk not about porn today but retail sales and the deceptive practice of bait and switch. And don't worry we'll get back to the porn in just a moment, trust me.

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Posted by David

19 Jun 2009

Well Heeled Porn

footsiebabes-blog.jpg Picture>

Sinead's Boot Are Made For More Than Walking
It would appear that I like to make confessions through my writing. As a matter of fact, it looks like I'm going to do it again. You see, I was surfing the net looking for a foot fetish site when I ran across this site called Footsie Babes.

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Posted by David

18 Jun 2009

Indecisive? Bang Bros Can Help

bangbros-blog.jpg Picture>

Super Pussy To The Rescue!!  -  Image courtesy of Bangbros Network
A know a lot of you guys our there are really indecisive when it comes to joining a porn site. Don't worry, it's really not your fault. After all there are thousands upon thousands of sites out there in internet land. And their are so many niches out there to be discovered that I may have even lost count. You have Milf's, Asian, porn stars, anal, big tits and cameltoes. And that's still only a fraction of what's out there.

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Posted by David

15 Jun 2009

Milfs And Equality In The Workplace

milfthing-blog.jpg Picture>

This Milf Will Always Be Employed - Image courtesy of  Milf Thing
I have always been a fan of the mature and milf niches. Sexy older ladies consuming their younger male partners has always made me hot as hell. So, I often go out of my way to find the next great site that takes the niche a little bit further.

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Posted by David

12 Jun 2009

Lesbians-Fact & Fiction

lezcuties-blog.jpg Picture>

Not As Innocent As You Think

Most of us guys think we have an idea of what lesbians do behind closed doors. But, in actuality we have no idea. We have a whole lot of fantasies but how much of that is based in reality? Probably not much. So, let's have a little discussion and decipher fact from fiction.

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Posted by David

10 Jun 2009

A Little Story About Nipples

primecups-blog.jpg Picture>

Nancy with her tits locked and loaded -  Image courtesy of Prime Cups
Sometimes being a writer has it's advantages. And I don't mean just the obvious either. Yes, it's true, I get to sit on my ass all day and just write. And of course I get to fulfill that creative side of my personality. But, the biggest advantage is that I get to share things with you faithful readers that I can't share with anyone else. And I get to do it all while remaining completly anonymous. It's a great gig if you can get it.
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Posted by David

07 Jun 2009

Celebrity Porn Is No Joking Matter

celebritymoviearchive-blog.jpg Picture>

Sarah Trigger Flashing Those Tits
Celebrity porn sites. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them but you can no longer dismiss them. As a matter of fact, I was just searching the internet when I saw an article on Jon Cryer's ex-wife Sarah Trigger.

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Posted by David

05 Jun 2009

Porn That Really Hooks You

dominatedgirls-blog.jpg Picture>

One Pumps Or Two?
Let me be honest with you. BDSM sites are not usually my cup of tea. Now, don't get me wrong I have been known to enjoy watching a hot woman getting tied up and spanked as much as the next guy. But, as far as being a hardcore fan of the genre, I'm not. Or at least that I thought I wasn't. But, after checking out Dominated Girls, I may have to recant my position.

.... Continue reading Porn That Really Hooks You

Posted by David

01 Jun 2009

Erotic Destinations To Get You Off

eroticdestinations-blog.jpg Picture>

Monika Showing Off Her Body In The Canary Islands  -  Image courtesy of Erotic Destinations
I often wonder how much people think about the porn they enjoy. Sure we all pay attention to how hot the ladies are and the intensity of the sex. We might even notice an odd camera angle.


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Posted by David

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