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Blog articles for June, 2012

29 Jun 2012

Asian Porn Will Rise Thanks To Influx Of Hot Asian Pussy In US

maiko-xxx-062612a.jpg Picture>

"This chick could live near you one day" - Photo Courtesy of Maiko XXX

Pretty soon, they are going to be hot Asian babes all around you. Like the types of chicks you find on Maiko XXX. Yes, I'm calling it right now because a new study came out that showed that Asians are the fastest growing ethnic group in America.

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Posted by David

25 Jun 2012

Are Lesbians Betraying Their Nature By Fucking Men?

club-pink-062012a.jpg Picture>

"No matter how you slice it-these two are lesbians" - Photo Courtesy of Club Pink Velvet

Lesbian women have taken some heat this week. Several so-called experts have said that lesbians, like the ones you can find on Club Pink Velvet, should stop messing around with men. Hell, I didn't even know there was a trend with lesbians fucking guys.

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Posted by David

22 Jun 2012

Octomom Mastubates In New Porn Video

octomom-062112a.jpg Picture>

"Tits big enough to feed an army" - Photo Courtesy of Wicked

It's time folks to see the hottest thing to hit the porn world in a long time. I am talking about the porn debut of Nadya Suleman. You know, the Octomom. The Octomom Masturbates video is from Wicked, and let me tell you it's a thing of beauty.

.... Continue reading Octomom Mastubates In New Porn Video

Posted by David

21 Jun 2012

The Fantasy of Latina Porn And Immigration

muchas-latinas-061812a.jpg Picture>

"I wouldn't kick these two out of the country" - Photo Courtesy of Muchas Latinas

Since the President of the United States decided to grant a two year reprieve from deportation to some illegal immigrants I thought it would be a good time to check out some great Latina porn. You know, Latina porn sites such as Muchas Latinas.

.... Continue reading The Fantasy of Latina Porn And Immigration

Posted by David

19 Jun 2012

Is being fucked by a Strapon Right For You?

strapon-fuckers-061212a.jpg Picture>

"Who's Ready For a Pegging?" - Photo Courtesy of Strapon Fuckers

Here's a question for you. If your girlfriend wanted to strapon a dildo and fuck you in the ass, would you let her? You know, something like what you can see on Strapon Fuckers. I was recently posed this question and it was something I had to think long and hard about.

.... Continue reading Is being fucked by a Strapon Right For You?

Posted by David

14 Jun 2012

My Search for Beautiful Ebony Babes

blackitup-061212a.jpg Picture>

"One of the ebony babes I found" - Photo Courtesy of Black it On Up

I have never hidden my love for ebony porn. In fact, I think that I have been pretty honest about it. I try to get some of it into my porn diet every single day. That is why, at any given time, you can find me on porn sites such as Black It On Up.

.... Continue reading My Search for Beautiful Ebony Babes

Posted by David

11 Jun 2012

3 Shades Of Bondage Porn

upper-floor-060712.jpg Picture>

"Women are beginning to enjoy BDSM" - Photo Courtesy of Upper Floor

Since many women are becoming increasingly interested in BDSM porn thanks to several works of fiction, I thought that I would help out the guys out there who aren't that familiar with this genre of porn and don't want to be left out of the fun when other people visit sites such as the Upper Floor.

.... Continue reading 3 Shades Of Bondage Porn

Posted by David

08 Jun 2012

Amateur Porn Comes To The Rescue

czech-casting-60712a.jpg Picture>

"This chick is one of many amateur saviors" - Photo Courtesy of Czech Casting

The porn industry, much like most segments of society, is being gobbled up by corporate America. They are trying to turn our wonderful industry into a cash machine to increase their bottom line. Luckily, amateur porn sites such as Czech Casting are helping keep real porn alive.

.... Continue reading Amateur Porn Comes To The Rescue

Posted by David

06 Jun 2012

Fisting Is An Art That Should Be Taken Seriously

brutal-fisting-052412a.jpg Picture>

"I think she lost her keys" - Photo Courtesy of Brutal Fisting

Fisting is a practice that goes by a number of different names. It's called fist fucking, brachioproctic insertion, hand-balling and pussy punching. But no matter what you call it, it is something that is very serious. If you don't believe me, then take a look at Brutal Fisting to see what I mean.

.... Continue reading Fisting Is An Art That Should Be Taken Seriously

Posted by David

04 Jun 2012

Hardcore Porn Just May Save the World

wicked-052312a.jpg Picture>

"These chicks are saving the planet" - Photo Courtesy of Wicked Pictures

Over the years, hardcore porn has gotten quite a bad rap. It has been portrayed as an evil on society that destroys both the lives of the performers, but also the lives of people who view it. Today, I am going to dispel this common myth. Hardcore porn sites such as Wicked Pictures do not cause harm. In fact, they may actually be doing good.

.... Continue reading Hardcore Porn Just May Save the World

Posted by David

02 Jun 2012

Cum Facials are Good For A Woman's Skin

cumshot-surprise-052412a.jpg Picture>

"These chicks are going to look 10 years younger" - Photo Courtesy of Cumshot Surprise

Science has now confirmed that cum facials may have health benefits for a woman's skin. Yes, you heard me right. Sperm reduces wrinkles and can be used to treat acne. No wonder the ladies on Cumshot Surprise manage to maintain their youthful appearance!

.... Continue reading Cum Facials are Good For A Woman's Skin

Posted by David

01 Jun 2012

Are Americans Obsessed With Mobile Porn

wtf-pass-052612a.jpg Picture>

"She would give up panda fucking for her phone" - Photo Courtesy of Mobile WTF Pass

Mobile porn usage is on the rise. That really isn't a surprise since mobile phone usage is on the rise in general. More and more people are checking out mobile porn sites such as Mobile WTF Pass, and that's a good thing, right? I think so, but let's find out.

.... Continue reading Are Americans Obsessed With Mobile Porn

Posted by David

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