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Blog articles for March, 2008

31 Mar 2008

Nipple Piercings - A Threat To National Security

piercings-security.jpg Picture>

Rachel Rotten - a danger to national security. And my pants.

In the aftermath of 9/11, just about everything you could imagine became a matter of national security, and not just in the United States either. This became the case in many other countries as well at the same time.

.... Continue reading Nipple Piercings - A Threat To National Security

Posted by Steve

28 Mar 2008

Porn News Round-Up

pornroundup.jpg Picture>

La Cicciolina - not too happy about her pocket money.

As we've been doing a couple of times recently, we thought it to be a good opportunity to cover a few of the porn-related stories that have been doing the rounds in the last couple of days or so - too many stories, so little time!

.... Continue reading Porn News Round-Up

Posted by Steve

27 Mar 2008

The Hardcore Drinking Game

drinkinggame.jpg Picture>

Not THAT type of drinking.

It probably took me about 3 or 4 months of porn reviewing before I could pinpoint exactly what you can expect from about 80-90% of hardcore porn sites, or at least the videos within it. And with that knowledge....

.... Continue reading The Hardcore Drinking Game

Posted by Steve

26 Mar 2008

Indonesia Bans Porn

indonesia-porn.jpg Picture>

Don't let them catch you doing this in Jakarta!

As recent events in Australia might have taught authorities, blocking what people can and cannot watch online can be almost impossible - people are just so savvy to all technological matters these days, after all.

.... Continue reading Indonesia Bans Porn

Posted by Steve

25 Mar 2008

Soccer Mom Score

soccermomscore.jpg Picture>

Daryl Hanah - no, not that one, but she does look like her, doesn't she?!

It's one of those curiosities of the respective societies in America and Britain that a sport that is by far the most popular in the UK is the one that influences the theme of quite a few porn sites in the USA.

.... Continue reading Soccer Mom Score

Posted by Steve

24 Mar 2008

Polish Big Boobs

polishbigboobs.jpg Picture>

There's nothing quite like a really nice, big pair of boobs, is there?

A number of areas of the world have become inexorably drawn towards areas of porn or adult entertainment almost by accident. On many of the occasions, the link has become apparent and you have no idea how it's happened.

.... Continue reading Polish Big Boobs

Posted by Steve

22 Mar 2008

Eliot Spitzer and thehigh priced hooker

eliotspitzer.jpg Picture>

There she is, kissing a million goodbye.

It's not often that a 'lady of ill repute' comes into the public spotlight with the potential to earn absolutely sackfuls of cash, and then suddenly finds out that her earning potential has actually plunged out of sight.

.... Continue reading Eliot Spitzer and thehigh priced hooker

Posted by Steve

20 Mar 2008

Beach Model

beachmodel.jpg Picture>

The Beach Girls as opposed to The Beach Boys works better for me.

Another frequent subject on this blog is beach-based sites or beach-based content. The reason? Well, probably because it's usually gonad-freezingly cold whenever I write those particular entries, that's why!

.... Continue reading Beach Model

Posted by Steve

19 Mar 2008

Sapphic Harem

sapphicharem.jpg Picture>

I like the sound of this harem business.

It's always seemed to me that you don't get many differing opinions when it comes to porn. Most people generally seem to agree what are the best sites and there doesn't seem to much differing opinion. Well this blog is about one such Lesbian porn sites

.... Continue reading Sapphic Harem

Posted by Steve

17 Mar 2008

Spoiled Virgins

spoiledvirgins.jpg Picture>

One virgin - about to be spoiled.

There are some porn site titles or names that really do 'sell you a dummy', to put the situation into a soccer term. In other words, they trick you or don't do exactly what you think they are likely to do.

.... Continue reading Spoiled Virgins

Posted by Steve

15 Mar 2008

The Hunt For Blackzilla

blackzilla.jpg Picture>

Pretty much the only non-NSFW picture of him I could find. Nice sweater!

It's often said in sport that you should never try and replace greatness - you should move on to the next thing and hope it will be great too. I'd like to think that a similar analogy could be applied to the noble art of porn.

.... Continue reading The Hunt For Blackzilla

Posted by Steve

13 Mar 2008

Porno Cock-Ups

pornocockups.jpg Picture>

"Argh, my pubes are caught in my zipper!"

There's a great link doing the rounds at the moment which is easily classed as a porn blooper. I'm not sure how it was released initially, but it has gained something of an infamous reputation for the pain involved.

.... Continue reading Porno Cock-Ups

Posted by Steve

12 Mar 2008

Penthouse Starts Flogging Shares

penthouse-shares.jpg Picture>

Penthouse - do you fancy a slice of that?

It seems that the advancement of Playboy into mainstream culture and into the realms of being one of the mose recognisable brands in the world has become too much for one of its rivals, desperate to catch up.

.... Continue reading Penthouse Starts Flogging Shares

Posted by Steve

08 Mar 2008

British Porn King Dies

paulraymond.jpg Picture>

He'll have a girl on each arm in Heaven too.

On what has been quite a slow week when it comes to news on the porn and adult entertainment front, the only piece of remarkable news that HAS stood out has, unfortunately, been rather sad news.

.... Continue reading British Porn King Dies

Posted by Steve

07 Mar 2008

Fetish Transformation

fetishtransformation.jpg Picture>


2008 continues its so far well-earned reputation for the weird and the wonderful with a site that is so bizarre that I had to make sure somebody hadn't slipped LSD into my lunchtime cup of tea or anything!

.... Continue reading Fetish Transformation

Posted by Steve

04 Mar 2008

Perverted Pants Down Prowler Perused by Police in Porn Shocker

porn-pervert.jpg Picture>

"Damn, I hope this isn't a quick nap...."

Occasionally, just occasionally, a story pops along in relation to porn that really does make you wonder if those that make porn have been paying attention. If they have to the story I saw this morning, they'll have a great site on their hands!

.... Continue reading Perverted Pants Down Prowler Perused by Police in Porn Shocker

Posted by Steve

03 Mar 2008

World Of Warcraft Porn

warcraftporn.jpg Picture>

Anybody up for some aural sex?

There is one sure fire way of knowing that your product really has 'arrived' in popular culture - and that is if somebody goes out and makes a porn film based on your product. And that it has a great name too.

.... Continue reading World Of Warcraft Porn

Posted by Steve

01 Mar 2008

Rocco Siffredi

roccosiffredi.jpg Picture>

He looks a bit like Richard Lewis, doesn't he?

You know that in heterosexual porn, that there are usually two sexes involved. But very, very rarely does much or any of that focus go on the male protagonist. You have to make yourself a BIG star to get noticed.

.... Continue reading Rocco Siffredi

Posted by Steve

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