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Blog articles for May, 2007

31 May 2007

Pirates 2 Grabs Mainstream Publicity

pirates.jpg Picture>

The original Pirates movie cover.

Porn in the daytime? You betcha!

.... Continue reading Pirates 2 Grabs Mainstream Publicity

Posted by Steve

30 May 2007

When Porn Is Overrated

overrated.jpg Picture>

Overrated? Surely not?

Many, many things in the history of the world are overrated. Porn is no different.

.... Continue reading When Porn Is Overrated

Posted by Steve

26 May 2007

So You Want To Be A Porn Star?

beapornstar.jpg Picture>

Do you look like her? Then you can be a porn star!

Ever harboured ambitions of being a porn star? Then why aren't you one already?

.... Continue reading So You Want To Be A Porn Star?

Posted by Steve

25 May 2007

Drunk Old Sluts

drunkoldsluts.jpg Picture>

I'd say she looks more stoned than drunk. Ooh, maybe there's a new site to consider.

Drunk Old Sluts is a site about inebriated old birds who like to have sex.

.... Continue reading Drunk Old Sluts

Posted by Steve

23 May 2007

Cameltoe Porn

cameltoe.jpg Picture>

Hot Wheels didn't look like this when I was a kid.

So, cameltoe porn. What's that all about then? Pussy !  Thats what it is all about, beautiful PUSSY !

.... Continue reading Cameltoe Porn

Posted by Steve

22 May 2007

Katie Or Katee?

katieholmes.jpg Picture>

Didn't she used to be hot?

This story is another sad story of a sad celebrity.

.... Continue reading Katie Or Katee?

Posted by Steve

19 May 2007

Ass Eater Girls

asseatergirls.jpg Picture>

Felix Vicious likes to eat ass. I like a nice chicken chasseur personally.

Ass Eater Girls is about girls who like to eat ass. So what sexuality issues do these sites through up?

.... Continue reading Ass Eater Girls

Posted by Steve

16 May 2007

XXX Dollars Splurged On

porndomain.gif Picture>

About the only interesting thing on right now.

This story made me realise how extraordinary it is that there has rarely been any actual porn on

.... Continue reading XXX Dollars Splurged On

Posted by Steve

15 May 2007

Porn: Over A Third Of All Internet Downloads

porndownloads.jpg Picture>

I'm sure that we can get that up to 50% by the end of 2008.

This article is quite telling when it comes to porn statistics, I must say.

.... Continue reading Porn: Over A Third Of All Internet Downloads

Posted by Steve

14 May 2007

Our Favourites - Hentai sites

favourites-hentai.jpg Picture>

Just some of what you can expect on Lestai. Reality is crap, isn't it?

Like to get more animated with your porn? Time for some hentai! Just three today though as only three really stand out.

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Hentai sites

Posted by Steve

13 May 2007

Our Favourites - Bukkake sites

favourites-bukkake.jpg Picture>

Betty is perhaps the biggest star on German Goo Girls. This is a rare picture when you can see her face.

Time to run for cover - it's bukkake time!

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Bukkake sites

Posted by Steve

12 May 2007

Bubblegum Dreams

bubblegumdreams.jpg Picture>

Hmm, I wonder if it's Wrigley's.

Bubblegum Dreams is probably best termed as 'candy porn'.

.... Continue reading Bubblegum Dreams

Posted by Steve

11 May 2007

Our Favourites - Blowjobs sites

favourites-blowjobs.jpg Picture>

Rita Faltoyano, a star of Only Blowjobs. And many other sites, for that matter. Because she's great.

Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm! (That's how it sounds when a girl tries to say 'and now - blowjobs!' with a cock in her mouth!)

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Blowjobs sites

Posted by Steve

08 May 2007

Our Favourites - Busty Big Tits sites

favourites-busty.jpg Picture>

Lisa Sparxxx, one of the stars of Busty And Real.

For all your big-titted needs!

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Busty Big Tits sites

Posted by Steve

07 May 2007

Asian American Girls

asianamerican.jpg Picture>

She's not Oriental, she's Asian American. There's a difference.

Just as it was refreshing to see a webcams site the other day that doesn't rip you off, it's refreshing to see a site in Asian American Girls that doesn't pretend to be a 'proper' Oriental site.

.... Continue reading Asian American Girls

Posted by Steve

06 May 2007

Our Favourites - BDSM

favourites-bdsm.jpg Picture>

One of the residents of The English Mansion. Time for a weekend away, I reckon.

And this week, the very best of the whip-cracking, leather-clad, bondage and domination sites out there!

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - BDSM

Posted by Steve

05 May 2007

The Daily Peep

thedailypeep.jpg Picture>

Two of the girls of The Daily Peep. They're not about to do any studying, that's for sure.

If I were wearing my hat right now, I would take it off to The Daily Peep.

.... Continue reading The Daily Peep

Posted by Steve

04 May 2007

Our Favourites - BBW sites

favourites-bbw.jpg Picture>

Miss Mina BBW. Big. Beautiful. And a woman. As the saying goes.

Today we have our favourite sites where the women are anything but size 0! these are the best of the BBW sites we have looked at.

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - BBW sites

Posted by Steve

03 May 2007

Our Favourites - Asian sites

favourites-asian.jpg Picture>

She's not in any of these sites - just any excuse to have a picture of Kobe Tai really.

And today, our favourite Asian / Oriental offerings!

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Asian sites

Posted by Steve

02 May 2007

Cartoons for Grown-Ups

lestai.jpg Picture>

Let’s face it: as much as we might hate to admit it, cartoons can be sexy. It’s a strong man (or woman) whose knees didn’t go weak at the knees the first time they watched Jessica Rabbit strutting across the stage in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? But things have moved on a bit since then and finding cartoon chicks sexy has been made more than just acceptable – it’s been positively encouraged by the explosion of Hentai... .... Continue reading Cartoons for Grown-Ups

Posted by Miranda

01 May 2007

Our Favourites - Anal sites

favourites-anal.jpg Picture>

It's almost enough to make you like anal if you don't.

So, do you like your antics via the back door? It's anal day!

.... Continue reading Our Favourites - Anal sites

Posted by Steve

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