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Blog articles for May, 2008

31 May 2008

Top Tennis Player To Pose For Playboy

playboy-tennis.jpg Picture>

Oh yes. We're looking forward to this shoot.

The tennis world, currently, is filled with absolutely loads of stunning beauties who you could watch careering around the tennis court in small and flimsy clothing for literally hours on end - and not care a jot about the tennis!

.... Continue reading Top Tennis Player To Pose For Playboy

Posted by Steve

30 May 2008

Kick Ass Pass

kickasspass.jpg Picture>

Milena is one of the network's prize models.

It's true of more things in life than just your first time having sex or anything else like that is what you remember most of all. You tend to remember your first porn site or your first network too!

.... Continue reading Kick Ass Pass

Posted by Steve

29 May 2008

naked.jpg Picture>

Karla Spice is one of the site's most notable performers.

I think there's always a desire amongst us as human beings to desire someone more if we can have direct contact with them, or of we think we might actually have a small chance of actually getting off with them.

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Posted by Steve

28 May 2008

Japan Dreams

japandreams.jpg Picture>

"Mrs Yamazaki will see you now...."

Continuing our recent tribute to Japanese porn, today we look at uniforms, another particularly strong area of Japanese porn, and a route into the Oriental genre for those of you who enjoy the uniform fetish.

.... Continue reading Japan Dreams

Posted by Steve

27 May 2008

Lisa Sparxxx

lisasparxxx.jpg Picture>

Oh, I say!

I think in many different types of media, there are performers, movies, musical groups or even authors that sneak up on us and make us realise that maybe we should have been acclaiming them for a lot longer than we have done.

.... Continue reading Lisa Sparxxx

Posted by Steve

26 May 2008


voytastic.jpg Picture>

"Mmm, blurry bum."

Although there are fetishes and genres that I probably enjoy a fair amount more, I would happily admit that the voyeur fetish is the one that fascinates me more than any other - but at the same time it frustrates me too.

.... Continue reading Voytastic

Posted by Steve

25 May 2008

Stop The Camera

stopthecamera.jpg Picture>

"Pile on! Pile on!"

I've asked the question in this blog plenty of times before about whether blooper sites are actually worth the money, but you know what? We may actually have found the site that may prove me to be a little bit wrong!

.... Continue reading Stop The Camera

Posted by Steve

24 May 2008

See My Wife

seemywife.jpg Picture>

"Argh! Not while I'm on the toilet!"

Just like when the word 'reality' is used in conjunction with TV shows and generally doesn't mean anything of the sort, pretty much the same thing can happen in porn as well, and does so on quite a few occasions.

.... Continue reading See My Wife

Posted by Steve

23 May 2008

Brain Pass

brainpass.jpg Picture>

Lex Steele is the undisputed hero of this network.

When I'm faced with a network or site that seemingly everyone else in the world has praised to the high heavens, I don't really want to praise it as well. I want to find things wrong with it that other people could have missed.

.... Continue reading Brain Pass

Posted by Steve

22 May 2008

Cum Challenge

cumchallenge.jpg Picture>

Extreme Holly makes a pleasant cameo on this site.

We all know where cum is supposed to go, don't we? It's there to create babies and it's supposed to end up in the vaginas of ladies. No, this wasn't supposed to end up being a biology lesson, I do apologise.

.... Continue reading Cum Challenge

Posted by Steve

20 May 2008

Pornstar Solos

pornstarsolos.jpg Picture>

Mayhem never looked so good.

For the vast majority of pornstars, there is one route and one route alone that they eased themselves into the porn industry with and that is with solo shoots and adult modelling photo-calls.

.... Continue reading Pornstar Solos

Posted by Steve

19 May 2008

Tera Patrick - Director

tera-director.jpg Picture>

Unfortunately, she probably won't be dressed like this behind the camera.

Stars going from in front of the camera to behind it is becoming an increasing occurrence these days as pornstars who are advancing slightly in their years seek different realms of employment whilst staying in the adult business.

.... Continue reading Tera Patrick - Director

Posted by Steve

17 May 2008

Huge Monster Freakish Cocks

freaksofcock.jpg Picture>

"Is that a Giant Redwood in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"

There are some things in porn you just cannot fake. Some are extremely easy. For instance, female orgasms and the faking of them is pretty much widespread. But just HOW do you fake cumshots of all things?

.... Continue reading Huge Monster Freakish Cocks

Posted by Steve

16 May 2008

Real Ex-Girlfriends

realexgirlfriends.jpg Picture>

One of the site's 'real' ex-girlfriends.

Things really do go in cycles as far as porn sites go, it seems. We always seem to get a run on a particular genre or niche of sites depending on the type of year, and the last week or so has certainly been no exception.

.... Continue reading Real Ex-Girlfriends

Posted by Steve

15 May 2008

NS All Access

nsallaccess.jpg Picture>

Nacho Vidal in non-pornographic picture shocker!

Recently I've had the opportunity to talk a fair bit about a couple of networks that we absolutely love on Honest Porn Reviews, so today I realised there was one that I'd left out of recent discussions.

.... Continue reading NS All Access

Posted by Steve

14 May 2008

Monster Cock Junkies

monstercockjunkies.jpg Picture>

Jenny Hendrix is a monster cock junkie. So there.

In society these days, there are many things that you can become addicted to, and more of them seemingly by the month. And authorities try everything they can to help people that become addicted to them.

.... Continue reading Monster Cock Junkies

Posted by Steve

13 May 2008

Bums In Action is hard ot believe

bumsinaction.jpg Picture>

"I got one tooth for every girl I've ever screwed."

Occasionally, just occasionally, you see a site that you really can't quite believe. It's a site so daring or so out there, that you actually don't quite believe that there is even actually an audience for it in the first place.

.... Continue reading Bums In Action is hard ot believe

Posted by Steve

12 May 2008

Free Form Studios finds different girls

freeformstudios.jpg Picture>

There have to be easier ways to watch TV, surely?

There are certain types of weather that suit certain types of porn. For instance, if it's thundery and raining heavily, I find some really heavy hardcore goes down well. If it's dark, maybe a bit of fetish action?

.... Continue reading Free Form Studios finds different girls

Posted by Steve

10 May 2008

Asian Porn

japanese-porn.jpg Picture>

Ann Ohura is one of Japan's biggest pornstars. Fill in your own gags here.

I've often commented that the pornographic output of Japan is amongst the most interesting and unique of perhaps any other country in the world, and an article I read today certainly hasn't changed my perception.

.... Continue reading Asian Porn

Posted by Steve

09 May 2008

Rookie Swingers Real couples ?

rookieswingers.jpg Picture>

Puma Swede - doesn't look like a rookie to me!

There are some sites that try to get across that they are one thing despite being nothing of the sort that are really trying to trick you. But then there are some sites that know they are not going to get away with anything at all!

.... Continue reading Rookie Swingers Real couples ?

Posted by Steve

08 May 2008

Porn Star Hanna Hilton does hardcore

hannahilton.jpg Picture>

Get used to seeing her in things a lot naughtier than this!

Many of the classic storylines in soap opera history have revolved around a 'Will they, won't they?' scenario. Will they kiss after months of flirting? Will they get together after months of painfully dull storylines?

.... Continue reading Porn Star Hanna Hilton does hardcore

Posted by Steve

07 May 2008

3D Fucksluts Hentai Porn ?

3dfucksluts.jpg Picture>

I bet there's nothing that sexy in Grand Theft Auto IV!

With the very recent release of the aforementioned game, there's quite a lot of focus on computer-generated characters at the moment, albeit of a slightly more sinister and violent kind than I'm about to talk about.

.... Continue reading 3D Fucksluts Hentai Porn ?

Posted by Steve

05 May 2008

BBW Hunter Big Fat Women

bbwhunter.jpg Picture>

"I definitely lost my dog down there...."

It's interesting when I'm perusing the communities, journals or forums that I frequent on a regular basis to see the perceptions that certain porn niches get from those who don't really operate within 'porn circles'.

.... Continue reading BBW Hunter Big Fat Women

Posted by Steve

02 May 2008

German Goo Girls Bukkake

ggg.jpg Picture>

About the only picture of Betty we could legally use!

You know, after yesterday's entry where I told you about the Australian Big Brother contestant who had done a little bit of nude photography, it does put some things in modern day pornography into perspective.

.... Continue reading German Goo Girls Bukkake

Posted by Steve

01 May 2008

Big Brother Porn Scandal

bb-porn.jpg Picture>

"This is just like being on Big Brother!"

Putting together the words 'Big Brother' and 'porn scandal' isn't exactly rare. Wherever you go in the world, they are likely to be showing an edition of the show and it is more than likely to contain one pornstar at least.

.... Continue reading Big Brother Porn Scandal

Posted by Steve

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