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Blog articles for May, 2012

29 May 2012

Superhero Cartoon Porn Or Pure Hentai Porn?

leandro-comix-052612a.jpg Picture>

"I always believed them to be lesbians" - Photo Courtesy of Leandro Comics

Are you a fan of cartoon porn or are you more of a fan of hentai style porn? Hentai porn has been the most popular of the two genres, but cartoon porn is really starting to catch up. Sites like Leandro Comics are starting to gain attention, and why wouldn't they?

.... Continue reading Superhero Cartoon Porn Or Pure Hentai Porn?

Posted by David

27 May 2012

Creampie Porn Is The Real Reality Porn

creampie-angels-052612a.jpg Picture>

"She's ready for that warm, gooey feeling" - Photo Courtesy of Creampie Angels

Creampie porn is a genre that most guys find irresistible, but don't give much though about after they have finished their business. But it is a genre that deserves it's due. Today, I am going to talk about creampies and why creampie sites such as Creampie Angels are worth a look.

.... Continue reading Creampie Porn Is The Real Reality Porn

Posted by David

26 May 2012

Opportunites Abound in Porn - Gay Porn That Is

suite-703-a.jpg Picture>

"Suck Dick and Become A Star!!"  -  Photo Courtesy of Suite 703

Whenever people find out that I write for the world of adult entertainment there is always one question on their mind. How do you break into porn as a performer? If you a woman, that is a pretty easy question to answer. However, for men it's not so simple and my answer is always the same. Get a job in gay porn. Something like Suite 703.

.... Continue reading Opportunites Abound in Porn - Gay Porn That Is

Posted by David

24 May 2012

Are Big Boobs A Liability To Women?

gent-online-052112a.jpg Picture>

"I find these tits to be very beneficial" - Photo Courtesy of Gent Online

There is a recent study that claims that big tits may not be beneficial to women. When I heard the study, I was blown away. Us men know that the types of big juggs, like the ones you find on Gent Online, is great for us, but never considered if it was beneficial or not to women. Now we find out.

.... Continue reading Are Big Boobs A Liability To Women?

Posted by David

22 May 2012

Is The Economy Prompting a Rise In Hairy Pussies?

bushy-bushy-052012a.jpg Picture>

"Save your cash..Don't shave your hairy pussy" - Photo Courtesy of Bushy Bushy

Let's face facts. Due to the economy many women are cutting back on luxuries that they once enjoyed. Many women have stopped getting services performed on them like manicures and nail painting. That makes me ask a basic question. Does this frugality also extend to shaving and waxing? In other words have hairy pussies, like the ones on Bushy Bushy, coming back into vogue?

.... Continue reading Is The Economy Prompting a Rise In Hairy Pussies?

Posted by David

20 May 2012

Sometimes I Just Want Good Girl Girl Porn

webgirls-oasis-051712a.jpg Picture>

"Feel free to fuck. I'm behind you" - Photo Courtesy of WebGirl Oasis

In the past I've written quite a bit about lesbians and the challenges they face in our society. I have always been a big supporter of the LGBT community and hope they secure the basic human rights they deserve. But sometimes I just want to see some hot lesbian porn like WebGirl Oasis.

.... Continue reading Sometimes I Just Want Good Girl Girl Porn

Posted by David

18 May 2012

Large Penises On The Rise Worldwide

monsters-of-cock-051712a.jpg Picture>

"Did Your Doctor Give You That Cock?" - Photo Courtesy of Monsters Of Cock

It appears that men all over the world are looking to increase the size and girth of their cocks. New data suggests that men all over the world want big cocks and are willing to do just about anything to achieve that goal, including surgery. Here's to the future Monsters Of Cock inductees.

.... Continue reading Large Penises On The Rise Worldwide

Posted by David

16 May 2012

Different Milfs For Different Folks

milf-mania-051412.jpg Picture>

"Don't classify her, just enjoy" - Photo Courtesy of Milf Mania XXX

Milf fans have a lot of different options nowadays. There are milf porn sites that have a large variety of different types of milfs, such as Milf Mania XXX, and there are sites that narrow their focus down to a particular kind of milf. What kind of milf do you prefer.

.... Continue reading Different Milfs For Different Folks

Posted by David

14 May 2012

BBW Porn Is Better Than Ever

plumper-pass-042912a.jpg Picture>

"Chilling with a Sexy Plumper" - Photo Courtesy of Plumper Pass

It was only a few years ago when BBW porn sites all looked the same. The only difference between sites were some were hardcore and some were hardcore. Things are different today, however. Sites such as Plumper Pass are offering a ton of variety.

.... Continue reading BBW Porn Is Better Than Ever

Posted by David

11 May 2012

Do Russian Women Have Bigger Tits?

eroticrussians-042912a.jpg Picture>

"Quality not quantity is what counts" - Photo Courtesy of Erotic Russians

I ran across an interesting article today that talked about the nationalities of women who have the biggest tit cup size. According to the study, Russian women had the biggest tits. I don't know about that, but I do know that after seeing the ladies on Erotic Russians, these women are certainly sexy.

.... Continue reading Do Russian Women Have Bigger Tits?

Posted by David

09 May 2012

Panties Say A Lot About A Woman

panties-042812a.jpg Picture>

"These panties are speaking to me." - Photo Courtesy of Nothing But Panties

If you have a love panty sites such as Nothing But Panties, then you are pretty experienced with the different types of panties and how how they can look. There is no doubt about it, panties are fucking hot. But did you know that the type of panties a woman wears determines her sexual style? No? Read on, then.

.... Continue reading Panties Say A Lot About A Woman

Posted by David

06 May 2012

Advice For Hot Anal Sex

gape-land-042812a.jpg Picture>

"She is ready for her anal training" - Photo Courtesy of Gape Land

There are several misconceptions about anal sex. One of the most prominent is that anal sex is only for gay men. That is absolutely untrue. Anal sex can be enjoyed by anyone. Another misconception is that anal sex is supposed to hurt like hell. People view sites like this and just assume that its ass numbingly painful. That isn't true either.

.... Continue reading Advice For Hot Anal Sex

Posted by David

02 May 2012

Bring On The Czech Porn Revolution

czech-casting-042812a.jpg Picture>

"I got this Czech chick's back...literally" - Photo Courtesy of Czech Casting

The Czech Republic has faced a month of protests and political unrest as the Czech government has made several austerity cuts. Thousands of people have flooded the streets in this country, in protest of these cuts. Man, I hope it doesn't interfere with the filming of porn for Czech Streets.

.... Continue reading Bring On The Czech Porn Revolution

Posted by David

01 May 2012

Lucy Lee Slammed Hard In Accident

lucy-lee-042812a.jpg Picture>

"At least she can drive a fucking machine" - Photo Courtesy of Fucking Machines

Another porn star has made the news. This time its famed porn star Lucy Lee. If you haven't heard, this beautiful Asian babe got her Mercedes t-boned in a pretty big wreck. After her stellar performances on a site called Fucking Machines, I assumed she was pretty good around machines. Guess I was wrong.

.... Continue reading Lucy Lee Slammed Hard In Accident

Posted by David

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