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Blog articles for November, 2006

30 Nov 2006

Magazines On The Internet?

fm-teens.jpg Picture>

There have been attempts at bringing many things from the physical world on to the internet. Most notably, years ago 'experts' insisted that we would no longer go out and buy a newspaper but would instead read online versions of them. Yeah right. Because let's face it, people are going to use laptops that cost hundreds of pounds to read about Tom Cruise's latest bout of lunacy, when the prospect of having their copy of The Daily Sport stolen on the bus to work is a lot less costly.

An attempt to bring magazines to the internet world of pornography is continuing apace though, and in this area I think such a transition is all the more likely, if not exactly entirely necessary. It's considerably less embarrassing to be seen reading a copy of The Times during morning rush hour than reading a copy of Hustler. That site, and other mega-bucks porn magazine companies continue to try and put their print publications on to the web .... Continue reading Magazines On The Internet?

Posted by Steve

28 Nov 2006

A Lesson In Not Russian Into Things

polishfeet.jpg Picture>

The ever increasing stake that Russian companies and indeed Russian performers have in the current adult market as a whole is one that can lead to confusion. I, personally, don't have any problem with their expansion. All you have to do is attend a ladies tennis event these days, try spotting a single Russian player who isn't absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous, and you'll see why their increasing stranglehold is going to be far from a bad thing.

Confusion can arise from that dominance though. Unless a site expresses themselves as otherwise, if it's a site based around eastern European beauties then you almost immediately presume that it's those Russians again. Or at least I do. But I'm a simple-minded soul. Such confusion recently grabbed a hold of me when I reviewed Feet Factory. .... Continue reading A Lesson In Not Russian Into Things

Posted by Steve

27 Nov 2006

How To Attract A Bunch Of Members In One Easy Step

campcutie.jpg Picture>

OK, imagine if you will that I'm a webmaster and I'm about to launch a brand new website. It hasn't got a great deal of content on it, but I want to launch it straight away because, understandably, I want to start making some money from it immediately.

What do you think is the best way for me to start attracting people and earning memberships immediately? It would be setting the membership fee at a very low level, wouldn't it?  Which brings me neatly to Camp Cutie. .... Continue reading How To Attract A Bunch Of Members In One Easy Step

Posted by Steve

23 Nov 2006

The Strange Case Of Alicia Rhodes And The Disappearing Accent

aliciarhodes.jpg Picture>

For whatever reason, there are dozens of satellite TV stations over here in the UK that carry sex chat line shows. You watch a girl or girls sitting down and you ring them up and, for about £45 per minute, you can talk dirty with them. But you can’t watch them do anything more dirty than lick their own nipples due to broadcasting laws. They’re complete shit. Why anyone would bother watching or using them is a complete mystery to me, but there you go. .... Continue reading The Strange Case Of Alicia Rhodes And The Disappearing Accent

Posted by Steve

22 Nov 2006

One Girl Who Is Not A Little Squirt

cytherea_thumb.jpg Picture>

I was wondering what would be a good subject to open our blog with and, naturally, your mind turns to female ejaculation. And when your mind turns to female ejaculation, it usually turns to Cytherea. .... Continue reading One Girl Who Is Not A Little Squirt

Posted by Steve

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