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Blog articles for November, 2007

29 Nov 2007

Frank Wank

frankwank.jpg Picture>

I wonder what funny name he'd have come up with if he had been called Edward?

Recent reviews of the sites from the Meat Members have brought a lot of memories flooding back to me. This is where the screen goes all blurry, gets a tinge of sepia to it and everything starts wobbling. Ooh....

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Posted by Steve

28 Nov 2007

Jenna Jameson success story

jenna-success.jpg Picture>

The guy in the background clearly thinks Jenna looks better in that poster.

You might have been wondering why it had been such a comparatively long time since I'd written an entry about Jenna Jameson. Well, allow me to change that with reference to this interesting article about her and her success story.

.... Continue reading Jenna Jameson success story

Posted by Steve

27 Nov 2007

Girls Gone Wild Down Under

ggw-downunder.jpg Picture>

"No really, girls. There will be plenty of peace and quiet to study in."

A typically hysterical report on the arrival of Girls Gone Wild and their 'depraved' ways shows you just what an incredibly repressed country the Australian authorities would have their nation become if they had their way.

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Posted by Steve

26 Nov 2007

Foreign language porn

foreignporn.jpg Picture>

One of John Thompson's notable German language efforts.

The news that just over a third of Chinese web searches are to do with adult entertainment or porn won't really surprise anyone. It just shows that even a Communist regime can't stop people from wanting to watch sex.

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Posted by Steve

24 Nov 2007

Soapy Massage

soapymassage.jpg Picture>

"...this isn't part of the massage, by the way."

In my review of Soapy Massage, I make a reference to a scene from a film called Two Days In the Valley, saying that a particular scene from that film came to mind whenever I looked at any of the content here.

.... Continue reading Soapy Massage

Posted by Steve

23 Nov 2007

Squirt Bukkake

squirtbukkake.jpg Picture>

Looks like that scene from Day Of The Dead - except sexier, obviously.

As the old saying goes, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Do note though that at no point does it say that revenge is a dish best served by having dozens of angry lesbians ejaculating all over your face and body.

.... Continue reading Squirt Bukkake

Posted by Steve

21 Nov 2007

Yoob TV

yoobtv.jpg Picture>

Yoob TV has something that no other download site has.

I wouldn't care to even venture a guess at just how many DVD download sites I've written about in this blog. When I do, it's usually another debate about which type of payment is preferable to which.

.... Continue reading Yoob TV

Posted by Steve

20 Nov 2007

Porn In Wrestling 2

porn-wrestling2.jpg Picture>

Don't expect to see this on WWE Raw any time soon.

Yesterday I was discussing the surprisingly large amount of crossing over between porn and wrestling, particularly so over the last 10 or 15 years or so. Today we continue on the same theme and get even sleazier.

.... Continue reading Porn In Wrestling 2

Posted by Steve

19 Nov 2007

Porn Meets Wrestling - part 1

porn-wrestling1.jpg Picture>

Jasmine St Claire turning out for her (now defunct) wrestling promotion 3PW.

You know, this story really did make me wonder why I hadn't done an entry about the crossover between porn and wrestling before. It seems an obvious subject, to all intents and purposes, as the two cross over a lot.

.... Continue reading Porn Meets Wrestling - part 1

Posted by Steve

18 Nov 2007

Police Cite Man for Watching Porn in Car

pornincar.jpg Picture>

Porn and cars can definitely go together, as you can see.

The story about police citing a man for watching porn in his car does worry me somewhat, I must say. It seems that rather than the slightly more serious crime of the fact that this guy was driving without a licence that the police were slightly more interested in the fact that he was watching porn.

.... Continue reading Police Cite Man for Watching Porn in Car

Posted by Steve

17 Nov 2007

The Great Outdoors

publicnudity.gif Picture>

So, what would you do if you were walking down the road and turned the corner in time to see a hot chick wearing nothing but stockings and an open coat, waiting for the bus? .... Continue reading The Great Outdoors

Posted by Miranda

15 Nov 2007

Amy Fisher Is Back!

amyfisher.jpg Picture>

Drew Barrymore played Fisher in one of a number of TV movies.

You know what I think there just isn't enough of out there in porn? Hot attempted murderess action. There just aren't enough sites or DVDs dedicated to sexy women who have purposefully killed another human being. Don't you think?

.... Continue reading Amy Fisher Is Back!

Posted by Steve

14 Nov 2007

The Passion gets gay porn remake

thepassion.jpg Picture>

Kyle wasn't impressed by the production values.

One of the most consistent sources of amusement and entertainment with regard to porn is, of course, porn remakes of mainstream movies and the titles they end up with. It seems that porn producers are forever outdoing themselves.

.... Continue reading The Passion gets gay porn remake

Posted by Steve

13 Nov 2007

Porn Is An Art

pornisanart.jpg Picture>

Pah, who needs Rembrandt anyway?

Yeah, you're damn right it is. That's only what I've been saying in this blog for months. Porn IS an artform, and I'll tell you why shortly. But I'd like to make it clear that at no point do I want to be regarded as an art critic. Eww.

.... Continue reading Porn Is An Art

Posted by Steve

12 Nov 2007

Innocent Vs Dirty

kyleen.jpg Picture>

The thing about legal teen sites is that they tend to go to of two extremes: The sweet and innocent or the downright dirty. Which one do you prefer? .... Continue reading Innocent Vs Dirty

Posted by Miranda

10 Nov 2007


yappo.jpg Picture>

Just one of the 1678326432 titles on Yappo.

A constantly interest source of debate for me with regard to adult sites is the pay-per-view V flat rate deal battle that goes on with regard to DVD download sites, and the merits and demerits of each system.

.... Continue reading Yappo

Posted by Steve

09 Nov 2007

Chessie XXX

chessiexxx.jpg Picture>

"What do you mean the bra doesn't fit?"

In general, I think the porn industry is consistently crap at looking after its older products and older performers. It's an industry that, I think, forgets far too easily what has gone before, whether it be good or bad.

.... Continue reading Chessie XXX

Posted by Steve

07 Nov 2007

Porn On A Plane

pornonaplane.jpg Picture>

"...and I will strike down on thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to read motherfuckin' porn on this motherfuckin' plane!"

On what is an extremely slow day for porn news (it does happen sometimes), I did find one gem of porn-related news in this letter from wherever the hell Bloomington-Normal happens to be over there in the States.

.... Continue reading Porn On A Plane

Posted by Steve

06 Nov 2007

MILFs Like there cocks big and hard

milfslikeitbig.jpg Picture>

Yes, we like that too.  Image courtesy of MILFs Like It Big

Let me make it clear that there is nothing wrong whatsoever with a well-used formula. Absolutely nothing at all. Originality really isn't the be-all and end-all of being a really successful and top quality site - although it can help a lot.

.... Continue reading MILFs Like there cocks big and hard

Posted by Steve

05 Nov 2007

Bonus sites

BrainPass-members-thm.jpg Picture>

NS All Access - will you ever need this much porn?!

It's been interesting in the last few days to review a few network passes as I haven't seen many in the last few months or so. More interesting though is an increasing trend I've noticed on the bigger networks.

.... Continue reading Bonus sites

Posted by Steve

03 Nov 2007

Captive Male

captivemale.jpg Picture>

"That'll teach you for for calling me Miss!"

I don't mind saying that I think some of the guys on Captive Male are quite mad. Some of the things these guys put themselves through in the name of adult entertaining go well beyond the call of duty as far as I'm concerned.

.... Continue reading Captive Male

Posted by Steve

01 Nov 2007

Sexy Samantha 38G

samantha.jpg Picture>

You don't get many of those to the....tonne.

I'm of the belief that if there were never any more solo sites made every again that the planet wouldn't really miss out. It's not as if there aren't enough to be going around now, is it? There are millions of them.

.... Continue reading Sexy Samantha 38G

Posted by Steve

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