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Blog articles for November, 2008

29 Nov 2008

Roxy Jezel - Club Jenna Success Story

roxyjezel.jpg Picture>

"Oi, Roxy, you didn't turn my bed down!"

I'd like to think that I'm fairly clued up on British pornstars, but occasionally one slips through my net of 'knowledge'. However, how Roxy Jezel managed to slip through said net for quite as long as she did isn't all my fault, surely?

.... Continue reading Roxy Jezel - Club Jenna Success Story

Posted by Steve

27 Nov 2008

Celeb TA - When Google Becomes Redundant

celebta.jpg Picture>

One of the many hot Katherine Heigl pics from the site.

I must admit that, more often than not, I can't help but be won over by celebrity websites. I always regard finding mainstream celebrity nudity as more of a 'challenge' than nudity displayed by any pornstars.

.... Continue reading Celeb TA - When Google Becomes Redundant

Posted by Steve

25 Nov 2008

Beach Voy - Sun, Sea, Sand and Secrets?

beachvoy.jpg Picture>

"What do you mean you just saw me on a bloody porn site?!"

I'm really completely fascinated by Beach Voy, and indeed by all the beach-based adult sites we've reviewed recently. It's at times like this that I wish that I knew anything about the law so I could check out just how they can get away with this type of thing!

.... Continue reading Beach Voy - Sun, Sea, Sand and Secrets?

Posted by Steve

24 Nov 2008

Penelope Sky – The Sky’s The Limit!

penelopesky.jpg Picture>

Let’s just hope she doesn’t have vertigo.
It might not seem fair in many ways that some sites work incredibly hard to be good by preparing all manner of different types of content but others get by off the back of an outstandingly hot girl.
.... Continue reading Penelope Sky – The Sky’s The Limit!

Posted by Steve

23 Nov 2008

Double Anal Zone - Ouchy!

doubleanalzone.jpg Picture>

"Take one cock in the ass! Not me...."

Double Anal Zone is the type of site that you just really don't think you'll ever see, even after reviewing porn sites for several years and seeing some of the most extraordinary feats that a human body can endure.

.... Continue reading Double Anal Zone - Ouchy!

Posted by Steve

22 Nov 2008

Russian Sex Bombs - What Was That All About, Then?

russiansexbombs.jpg Picture>

That reminds me, I must get a new bed pillow....

You do occasionally get the odd site that you really quite enjoyed but that you didn't really understand the point of, fully. Russian Sex Bombs fits into that category perfectly - thoroughly enjoyable, but what the hell....?

.... Continue reading Russian Sex Bombs - What Was That All About, Then?

Posted by Steve

21 Nov 2008

Alicia Rhodes - Not So Filthy Now

alicia-rhodes-3.jpg Picture>

Don't you hate it when underwear gets stuck up your crack?

There are a few generally accepted and 'popular' ways to make your way into the hardcore porn industry that many have gone down the route of. But few take the route that Alicia Rhodes has taken back out of the hardcore industry.

.... Continue reading Alicia Rhodes - Not So Filthy Now

Posted by Steve

20 Nov 2008

Eve Angel - Or Should We Call Her Eva?

eveangel-1.jpg Picture>

Well that's my Christmas present sorted out!

For quite a few years now, Eve Angel has been one of my favourite performers. Sexy, erotic and just finding the right line between innocence and danger, she's a star that really should have reached enormous heights within the industry.

.... Continue reading Eve Angel - Or Should We Call Her Eva?

Posted by Steve

19 Nov 2008

Boy Girl Bang - Women Behind The Camera

boygirlbang.jpg Picture>

"Do I look like I want to be in a porn film?"

Increasingly in the porn industry we're seeing performers step behind the cameras and shoot their own movies, and it's not just the guys that are doing it either - a number of female performers are shooting their own stuff too.

.... Continue reading Boy Girl Bang - Women Behind The Camera

Posted by Steve

18 Nov 2008

All Sites Access - Network Excellence!

allsitesaccess.jpg Picture>

One of the stars of Mike In Brazil.

I've spent the last few days having a look around at the best value networks out there and seeing what truly are the best deals currently around. And I've come to the conclusion that you can't go much wrong with All Sites Access.

.... Continue reading All Sites Access - Network Excellence!

Posted by Steve

16 Nov 2008

Francine Dee - Helium-Voiced Temptress

francinedee-1.jpg Picture>

"The water pressure on this thing sucks."

Not the average adult performer or model that we have profiled on Honest Porn Reviews, Francine Dee is nonetheless a performer and model that is well worth commenting upon and checking out.

.... Continue reading Francine Dee - Helium-Voiced Temptress

Posted by Steve

15 Nov 2008

These Black BBWs are Big All Over!

phatblackfreaks.jpg Picture>

"We're gonna need a bigger pool...."

Far be it for me to suggest that black girls do get typecast a little bit in hardcore porn, but you do wonder if there are ANY black girls in porn that haven't been cast specifically for 'big booty' or being 'phat' or 'freaks'.

.... Continue reading These Black BBWs are Big All Over!

Posted by Steve

14 Nov 2008 - Hasn't It Done Well?

porn-com.jpg Picture>

Rebecca Linares is currently one of their featured girls.

I have seen it said that when Pimp Roll purchased the domain name last year that they had a huge amount of pressure heaped upon them to produce a site that lived up to one of the most obviously searched domain names of all.

.... Continue reading - Hasn't It Done Well?

Posted by Steve

13 Nov 2008

Lora Craft - Game Woman

loracraft-1.jpg Picture>

One of my favourite pictures of the year, as it turns out.

Whilst the name Lora Craft may initially look like a pretty shameless cash-in on the video game character of almost the same name, the girl behind the name has carved a career out for herself behind it to be enjoyed by all.

.... Continue reading Lora Craft - Game Woman

Posted by Steve

12 Nov 2008

Euro Bride Tryouts - Mail Order Bride, Anyone?

eurobridetryouts.jpg Picture>

"If I marry you, do we still have to keep these horrible seats?"

The mail-order bride is a concept that has come very much back into popularity again since the internet became more and more prevalent, with guys able to get in touch with potential wives all over the world far more easily.

.... Continue reading Euro Bride Tryouts - Mail Order Bride, Anyone?

Posted by Steve

11 Nov 2008

Fuck Me Grandpa - Lucky Uncle Jessie

fuckmegrandpa.jpg Picture>

"In my day, this were all fields...."

I think if more old-age pensioners were offered gainful employment fucking 18 year old pornstars, then a LOT less of them would consider retirement! Then again, does the porn industry have a retirement age? Hmm.

.... Continue reading Fuck Me Grandpa - Lucky Uncle Jessie

Posted by Steve

09 Nov 2008

Cougar Recruits Proves Hitchhiking Not So Dangerous

cougar-recruits.jpg Picture>

In our modern times, hitchhiking can indeed be a dangerous game. There are all manner of incidents that can happen to a beautiful young woman.

.... Continue reading Cougar Recruits Proves Hitchhiking Not So Dangerous

Posted by David

07 Nov 2008

Jordan Capri - Mystery Girl

jordancapri-1.jpg Picture>

I could probably do with a haircut too.

Profiling Jordan Capri was quite some task as, having only ever worked for one company and its websites and only ever really done one interview, there wasn't exactly a huge ream of material to refer to when writing about her.

.... Continue reading Jordan Capri - Mystery Girl

Posted by Steve

06 Nov 2008

Severe Penetrations - Scary For Halloween!

severepenetrations.jpg Picture>

Trick or treat?!

Because it's such a seasonal thing, you don't get themed Halloween sites, much like you don't get themed Christmas sites. You usually have to make do with the occasional gallery or video here and there shot specially for the time.

.... Continue reading Severe Penetrations - Scary For Halloween!

Posted by Steve

04 Nov 2008

8th Street Latinas hot Cuban babe Kenia gets fucked hard

8thstreetlatinas.jpg Picture>

The biggest exports of Cuba are sugar, fish and of course Cuban cigars. But, the pride and joy of Cuba, as well as its greatest natural resource are the women. Nothing comes close to the beauty and sex appeal of a hot, Hispanic woman.
.... Continue reading 8th Street Latinas hot Cuban babe Kenia gets fucked hard

Posted by David

03 Nov 2008

Jill Kelly - A Poet's Dream

jillkelly.jpg Picture>

Nice wheels....

The word 'legend' is chucked around far too much these days in a number of different areas and subjects. But I think that Jill Kelly has more than earned being described as such in the adult industry, without a shadow of a doubt in my opinion.

.... Continue reading Jill Kelly - A Poet's Dream

Posted by Steve

02 Nov 2008

Flexible Positions - Bendy Girls Have The Most Fun

flexiblepositions.jpg Picture>

Just stay there for a minute, Jodi....

I don't know. You wait for months for a website containing girls being fucked in all manner of gymnastic and occasionally painful looking positions and then two come along at once! Just like buses except, erm, not really.

.... Continue reading Flexible Positions - Bendy Girls Have The Most Fun

Posted by Steve

01 Nov 2008

Tiny Tobi - Missed Opportunity

tinytobi.jpg Picture>

About the only picture I could find where she doesn't have a cock in her mouth.

Whilst, in a perfect world, here at Honest Porn Reviews we would love to have all websites turn up for review with loads of content, regular updates, razor-sharp presentation and great stuff to look at and watch. However, this isn't a perfect world

.... Continue reading Tiny Tobi - Missed Opportunity

Posted by Steve

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