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Blog articles for November, 2009

27 Nov 2009

Fucking a Pornstar-Top Male Fantasy

bang-a-pornstar-112709.JPG Picture>

"Renae Cruz giving her fans a treat!!" - Photo courtesy of How To Bang A Pornstar

I was checking out a little porn site called How To Bang A Pornstar, and a curious thought crossed my mind. I wondered how many men have fantasied about fucking a pornstar. I know that it's near the top of my list, but I wondered about other guys. Is that a big male fantasy or is that just my own particular kink?

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Posted by David

24 Nov 2009

X Rated Classics

x-rated-classics-112409.JPG Picture>

"Ron Jeremy eating out" - Photo courtesy of X Rated Classics

If you had a time machine what would you do with it? Would you go back to the time of the dinosaurs and see a T-Rex up close and personal? Would you change the course of world events or invest money in a company that you knew was going to be huge? Well, for me I would use the time machine for a slightly different purpose. I would head back into time and bang one of the classic porn actresses of days gone by.

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Posted by David

21 Nov 2009

Lesbian Tits Are A Gift From Heaven

whopper-lesbians-112109 .jpg Picture>

"Those are some big ass lesbian tits!!" - Photo courtesy of Whopper Lesbians

There are some readers out there that think that I am obsessed with lesbians. Well, you got me. I am obsessed with this genre of porn. But, its not the only genre I love. I'm also a fan of big tits. So, in my never ending quest to find the hottest porn out there, I have decided to combine the two and talk about lesbian tits.

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Posted by David

20 Nov 2009

What Would You Do For Pussy?

zoliboy-111909.JPG Picture>

"You wouldn't lie to me right?" -  Photo courtesy of Zoliboy

If you got a chance to bang hot ass porn stars would you take it? I know I would. If I got one shot at bagging some over sexed mattress actress then I would be on that shit like white on rice. So, when I visited Zoliboy today, I could really empathize with the dude off this site. He does what ever he has to do to get these chicks into the sack. And not only that, but he makes sure that he puts them through all the paces.

.... Continue reading What Would You Do For Pussy?

Posted by David

17 Nov 2009

Does Wife Bucket Create Fame Whores?

wife-bucket-111709.jpg Picture>

"Lights...Camera...Cum!!" - Photo courtesy of Wife Bucket

I just visited this site called Wife Bucket today, and I must say that I was pretty damn impressed. This site contains horny mature women who love to fuck and suck on camera for the entire world to see. And all the content is uploaded by members, either the women themselves or their signifigant others. But, the site does bring up interesting questions about the society we live in. Read on faithful porn blog readers and I will tell you what I mean.

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Posted by David

14 Nov 2009

Nature of the Breast

big-tit-bangers-111409.jpg Picture>

"Ahhh..The Sweet Smell of Melon" - Photo courtesy of Big Tit Bangers

I don't know the readers of this blog personally, but I can safely assume that your a fan of tits. What guy isn't a fan of them to some degree? There are guys who like small tits, big tits, fake tits and real tits. But, today I'm going to talk about my personal favorite, big tits. And to get my dose of big honking boobies I went to a site called Big Tit Bangers.

.... Continue reading Nature of the Breast

Posted by David

13 Nov 2009

Anal Teen Angels Is Pure Genius

anal-teen-angels-111309.JPG Picture>

"Have you ever seen anything finer?"-Photo Courtesy of Anal Teen Angels

I remember my college days all too well. It was really a great time in my life. So much so, that I wish that I would have been in my "right mind" enough to remember all of it. But, there is one thing that I do remember very well. The eighteen and nineteen year old girls were hot and built like proverbial shit houses. At least that's what I thought until I visited Anal Teen Angels. Now I'm not so sure.

.... Continue reading Anal Teen Angels Is Pure Genius

Posted by David

11 Nov 2009

Adultery Around the World

cheating-mommies.jpg Picture>

"Cat is a very naughty little criminal!" - Photo courtesy of Cheating Mommies

Today I visited a site called Cheating Mommies. This is a site about older more mature housewives who run around behind their husband's back to go chasing after stray cock. This got me to thinking. I wondered what they laws were around the world when it came to adultery. So, I did a little search on the internet and found out some very fascinating facts.

.... Continue reading Adultery Around the World

Posted by Daviid

08 Nov 2009

2 Chicks 1 Dick..No Waiting

2-chicks-1-dick.JPG Picture>

"Imagine Being Stuck Between These Two!!"-Photo Courtesy of 2 Chicks 1 Dick

Today I visited a site called 2 Chicks 1 Dick and it got me thinking. Well, it got me thinking right after the blood rushed back into my brain from my cock. I started to think really seriously about threesomes. And I don't mean the casual thoughts about how cool it would be to have two beautiful babes at my beck and call. No, I started thinking about some of the logistics involved in the whole process.

.... Continue reading 2 Chicks 1 Dick..No Waiting

Posted by David

05 Nov 2009

Horny Euro Sluts Is Your Passport to European Sex

horny-euro-sluts-110509.JPG Picture>

"Angelica will take you around the world!!" - Photo courtesy of Horny Euro Sluts

It goes without saying that I'm proud to be an American. I was born and raised in the United States, and though its not without its problems, I wouldn't live anywhere else. But, after visiting Horny Euro Sluts, I think that I might just want to take a vacation to Europe. The European babes on this site are not only drop dead beautiful but they also fuck like women possessed.

.... Continue reading Horny Euro Sluts Is Your Passport to European Sex

Posted by David

03 Nov 2009

The Classic Porn Delivers Good 'Ole Fashioned Fucking

vanessa-del-rio.jpg Picture>

"Vanessa del Rio-Big Hair..Big Tits..Big Fun!" - Photo courtesy of The Classic Porn

It would appear that human beings are very nostalgic. We are always looking to the past to find that "Golden Age", a time when everything was a whole lot better. And as we get older, the more true this statement is for us. And that goes for cars, music and porn. Since so many people miss the vintage porn of times past, I thought that I would talk about a little vintage porn site called The Classic Porn.

.... Continue reading The Classic Porn Delivers Good 'Ole Fashioned Fucking

Posted by David

01 Nov 2009

Monsters Of Cock Scares Pussy

monsters-of-cock-102609.jpg Picture>

"Trick or treat ladies!!" - Photo courtesy of Monsters Of Cock

Since its the Halloween season I thought that I would talk about something scary. Tight pussy getting ravaged by huge cocks. Okay, it might not seem scary to you but to the girls of Monsters Of Cock, wrestling the giant pythons can be shocking to say the least.

.... Continue reading Monsters Of Cock Scares Pussy

Posted by David

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