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Blog articles for October, 2007

30 Oct 2007

British Blue Movies

britishbluemovies.jpg Picture>

Mary Millington - probably our best known classic porn star.

For those of you who aren't British, you might be surprised to hear that we've been making porn over here for about as long as everyone else has. It's just that we tend not to talk about it too much - we're British.

.... Continue reading British Blue Movies

Posted by Steve

28 Oct 2007

Porn Path Of Hollywood Stars

hollywoodporn1.jpg Picture>

This sight might have made The Sweetest Thing slightly more tolerable. Slightly.

One thing we do like around here is revelations about what Hollywood stars might have been getting to before, after or even during being an A list star. We do like a bit of that. Sothis article was most welcome.

.... Continue reading Porn Path Of Hollywood Stars

Posted by Steve

26 Oct 2007

Porn on Wikipedia

porn-wikipedia.jpg Picture>

You're damn right it is!

After yesterday complaining about the relative lack of historical tomes and recordings of the history of porn, it seems that the lack of documentary evidence on the subject is spreading to Wikipedia as well.

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Posted by Steve

25 Oct 2007

Porn On YouTube

youtube.jpg Picture>

Flagged for inappropriate content.

As this article points out, the online video upload behemoth YouTube is struggling somewhat with trying to keep pornography off its servers, a problem that they will simply never solve, as far as i'm concerned.

.... Continue reading Porn On YouTube

Posted by Steve

24 Oct 2007

Ass Smoothie

asssmoothie.jpg Picture>

"Mmm, this one has chocolate chips in it...."

See, I always keep my porn promises. When I said in the review of Ass Smoothie that I would be doing a blog entry about that particular weird site, I had no intention of forgetting it, so here it is.

.... Continue reading Ass Smoothie

Posted by Steve

21 Oct 2007

Porn Become Unsexy

porn-unsexy.jpg Picture>

Two members of the Tell Me You Love Me cast - clearly still sexy.

It's rare to see an intelligent and well-balanced article written in a quality newspaper anywhere in the world about porn, but regularly the Los Angeles Times manages it as can be seen with this great article.

.... Continue reading Porn Become Unsexy

Posted by Steve

20 Oct 2007

1 By-Day

1byday.jpg Picture>

Eufrat is just one of the MANY wonders here.

There are some things that are good that you like. There are even some things that are great that you enjoy. But there are some things that are SO great that you might enjoy it but you also hate the people that made them.

.... Continue reading 1 By-Day

Posted by Steve

19 Oct 2007


cosplay.jpg Picture>


You know that classic saying, "You learn something every day"? Well that applies to porn and adult entertainment as well. Although I must point out in this case that the discovery isn't exactly pornographic, just something I learned about through it.

.... Continue reading Cosplay

Posted by Steve

17 Oct 2007

Erotic art traces history of sex

eroticart.jpg Picture>

One the exhibitions, erm, exhibits.

There is, in fact, extraordinary little literature out there that traces the history of pornography or, more specifically, the history of sex. Which is why exhibitions like these are probably a lot more important than they should be.

.... Continue reading Erotic art traces history of sex

Posted by Steve

16 Oct 2007

Cuties Flashing

cutiesflashing.jpg Picture>

That was one big gust of wind.

Flashing sites. Do they really work? I mean, the very, very occasional thrill of maybe catching a woman flashing a bit more of her arse than she might of wanted in public is not easily replicated by a website, is it?

.... Continue reading Cuties Flashing

Posted by Steve

15 Oct 2007

Ugly Whores

uglywhores.jpg Picture>

No, she's not really ugly at all, is she?

For someone who is forever complaining about the lack of originality and innovation in porn sites these days, you'd think that I'd be extremely impressed by a site like Ugly Whores. I am, but not as much as I could have been.

.... Continue reading Ugly Whores

Posted by Steve

14 Oct 2007

Tyra Porn

tyraporn.jpg Picture>

Unfortunately about as pornographic as you'll ever see her.

Really and truly, there was only ever going to be one outcome of this segment on the Tyra Banks Show - and that was a bunch of squealing and not really much informed debate. So why even talk about it?

.... Continue reading Tyra Porn

Posted by Steve

11 Oct 2007

Julia Bond

juliabond.jpg Picture>

Yeah, I likes me some of that.

Reading through Julia Bond's article and bio is an extremely interesting read indeed. Here's a girl who knew exactly what she wanted to get from the adult film industry and has gone to plenty of lengths to get it.

.... Continue reading Julia Bond

Posted by Steve

10 Oct 2007

Sex On The Beach XXX

sexonthebeach.jpg Picture>

Worth getting sand up your bum for, I say.

For all the skimpy bikinis, hot women sunning themselves and general sexiness that the beach can bring, there is a surprising lack of porn set on the coast, isn't there? Why is that? Are these porn producers afraid of the water?

.... Continue reading Sex On The Beach XXX

Posted by Steve

08 Oct 2007


updates.jpg Picture>

She likes it weekly.

How often do you like your sites to be updated? Do you have a set idea of how often you would ideally like to see new content on any sites that you subscribe to or does it really depend on the the type of site you've paid for?

.... Continue reading Updates

Posted by Steve

07 Oct 2007

The MILFs need a makeover

milfs-makeover.jpg Picture>

Well, she doesn't need a makeover clearly.

Let me just clarify something here. I'm not suggesting at all that all MILFs in porn should be given makeovers. Far from it. I'm talking about the genre of MILF sites rather than the women themselves. That would be a bit harsh, wouldn't it?

.... Continue reading The MILFs need a makeover

Posted by Steve

06 Oct 2007

A Match Made In Porn

madeinporn.jpg Picture>

She still has it. Mostly.

Some couples are termed as a match made in heaven. Some couples are regarded as having next to no chance of being a success together. So in which camp do you think the new romantic coupling of Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon?

.... Continue reading A Match Made In Porn

Posted by Steve

05 Oct 2007

Tattoo Sites

tattoosites.jpg Picture>

Great tattoos, crap photography.

It's a pretty hard life for you if you look for sites that contain specifically tattoo content. You often have to make do with subscribing to a goth site and hoping that a fair few girls on there have been inked at some point.

.... Continue reading Tattoo Sites

Posted by Steve

04 Oct 2007

Ignored Nations

ignorednations.jpg Picture>

Deborah Prat is one of the few full-time Argentinian pornstars on the market.

I was pretty surprised to discover that Nasty Makeup was only the second Argentinian site we'd ever reviewed, and in fact only the second adult or porn site from that country that I'd ever seen. Why is that?

.... Continue reading Ignored Nations

Posted by Steve

03 Oct 2007

Nadia's Lair

nadiaslair.jpg Picture>

Doing her bit to save the rainforests.

The horse that I tend to climb on when I write some of these blog entries tends to be a very high one indeed. In fact, a stepladder would probably be quite useful to me for climbing atop it on some occasions.

.... Continue reading Nadia's Lair

Posted by Steve

02 Oct 2007

Porn Movie Remakes?

pornremakes.jpg Picture>

No, not THAT type of remake.

Remakes of films piss most people off. It's never really bothered me too much, in fairness, even when they remake favourite films of mine. But I just wonder if, at any point, somebody might start remaking classic porn titles?

.... Continue reading Porn Movie Remakes?

Posted by Steve

01 Oct 2007

Virgin Off

virginoff.jpg Picture>

Virgin on the beautiful.

Virgin Off might be a willfully annoying and irritating name for a site - after all, virginity doesn't play a huge part in this site. But in terms of what it has got on board, it could be quite a key point in its particular niche.

.... Continue reading Virgin Off

Posted by Steve

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