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Blog articles for September, 2007

30 Sep 2007

SexSearch Offers Sheen Lifetime Membership

charliesheen.jpg Picture>

...on the other hand, he is missing out on her.

This story really does fill me with a lot more joy than you might expect. It's good to see that Charlie Sheen has not ditched his woman-bedding ways just because he's a little older now and has some kids.

.... Continue reading SexSearch Offers Sheen Lifetime Membership

Posted by Steve

29 Sep 2007

Do You Care about High Definition Porn?

hidef-care.jpg Picture>

Riley Mason is hot. I don't need hi-def to show me that.

Despite watching the development of high definition technology in porn and its increased usage over that time, my apathy for it has never really threatened to die down at any point. Nor do I expect it to.

.... Continue reading Do You Care about High Definition Porn?

Posted by Steve

27 Sep 2007


thongs.jpg Picture>

Sisqo, singer of the funniest song about thongs ever. Probably.

The thong is treated in a bizarre way in porn, isn't it? I mean, this is a medium that should appreciate clothing that is extremely revealing and can be left on during all manner of sex acts, or so you would expect.

.... Continue reading Thongs

Posted by Steve

26 Sep 2007

Teacher Resigns Over 'Porn Appearances'

teacherporn.jpg Picture>

Hmm, maybe I left school too early.

This story is depressingly short of information regarding exactly what type off naughty business this chap had been up to after the school bell had rung and he's gone home. Because there might just be something to be had here.

.... Continue reading Teacher Resigns Over 'Porn Appearances'

Posted by Steve

25 Sep 2007

Czech Feet

czechfeet.jpg Picture>

One of the more demure models on Czech Feet.

I make the following statement whilst fully aware of the fact that the year still has three and a half months left to run, give or take a few days, but it hasn't been a classic year for porn and adult sites in general.

.... Continue reading Czech Feet

Posted by Steve

24 Sep 2007

Katarina Kat

katarinakat.jpg Picture>

She can contort for me any time.

There's a great line from an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry gets told by Elaine that the Russian gymnast he's dating probably won't do some of her gymnastic moves on him during a sex session.

.... Continue reading Katarina Kat

Posted by Steve

22 Sep 2007

Lovelace To Be Subject Of Next Biopic?

lovelace.jpg Picture>

Faris is an underrated actress and underrated beauty.

Whilst Jenna Jameson has had her dreams of having Scarlett Johansson portray her in an upcoming film dashed, a former co-star of Scarlett's could be set to play another porn pioneer in an upcoming film.

.... Continue reading Lovelace To Be Subject Of Next Biopic?

Posted by Steve

21 Sep 2007


retro.jpg Picture>

Any excuse for another Cytherea picture - especially one with red hair!

I was having a look back through the old blog entries I'd done in this thing, and I couldn't quite believe that I'd been writing this for over 10 months. Time flies when you're looking at lots of porn, doesn't it?

.... Continue reading Retro!

Posted by Steve

20 Sep 2007

Jenna Makes An Easy Mistake

jenna-mistake.jpg Picture>

She is in the picture, honest.

Ahh, another day, another Jenna Jameson blog entry. Honestly, I don't have anything against her. She's never run over my cat or anything. She's just perfect subject material for a blog like this one.

.... Continue reading Jenna Makes An Easy Mistake

Posted by Steve

19 Sep 2007

Porn Industry Ponders Piracy Problem

piracy.jpg Picture>

Not that type of pirate.

Hmm, what a wonderfully alliterate title that is, completely unexpected, I must say. But instead of this entry being dedicated to my smugness about my great blog entry title, it's meant to be about something more 'serious'.

.... Continue reading Porn Industry Ponders Piracy Problem

Posted by Steve

18 Sep 2007

Male Sex Bloggers

malebloggers.jpg Picture>

I'm sure there's something funny in there.

I've long been of the belief that sex blogs are boring. Obviously, this is a porn blog. And not boring. Obviously. But sex blogs really are boring and I just have never seen their appeal at all. They're a mystery to me.

.... Continue reading Male Sex Bloggers

Posted by Steve

17 Sep 2007

Divine Melons

divinemelons.jpg Picture>

Now THOSE are divine melons.

Is it possible, just a teeny-weeny little bit possible that there could be about to be a backlash against fake breasts in he porn industry? After all, most things go in cycles and maybe we're about to see the end of the fake tits cycle?

.... Continue reading Divine Melons

Posted by Steve

16 Sep 2007

Belladonna Retires

belladonna.jpg Picture>

The Angelina Jolie lookalike will be a huge loss to the industry.

It's not been a good year for top-line adult stars retiring from the industry. First Jezebelle Bond, then, inevitably, Jenna Jameson, and now Belladonna, who has retired from the industry over fears over STDs.

.... Continue reading Belladonna Retires

Posted by Steve

14 Sep 2007

The Trouble With Playboy

playboy.jpg Picture>

Fresh on face, not on ideas.

Ahh, Playboy. World domination can only be just around the corner, can't it? Mainstream television series, Hugh Hefner appearing in Justin Timberlake videos, their line of merchandise appearing in high street chain stores.

.... Continue reading The Trouble With Playboy

Posted by Steve

13 Sep 2007

Old Farts Young Tarts

oldfarts.jpg Picture>

This guy probably gets more pussy than you. I know, sad isn't it?

Despite a rating that places it a fair way below the very best sites we've ever reviewed on Honest Porn Reviews, I say without any hesitation that Old Farts Young Tarts is one of the more enjoyable sites that I've ever seen.

.... Continue reading Old Farts Young Tarts

Posted by Steve

13 Sep 2007

Women Addicted

womenaddicted.jpg Picture>

Maybe the girls need one of these?

This article does highlight some fascinating and really quite pertinent points when it comes to porn addiction, which is quite unusual when you consider that most media articles about porn addiction are hysterical and borderline ridiculous.

.... Continue reading Women Addicted

Posted by Steve

12 Sep 2007

Hentai Sites - Why Bother?

hentaisites.jpg Picture>

Don't you just love the realistic proportions of hentai girls?

Having just reviewed Hardcore XXX Toons, which was far and away one of the most forgettable experiences of my week so far (and that includes doing the washing up and going for a crap), I came up with a theory about hentai sites.

.... Continue reading Hentai Sites - Why Bother?

Posted by Steve

11 Sep 2007

Porn Google

porngoogle.jpg Picture>

The first image on a Google image search for 'porn'.

Have you ever Googled the word 'porn'? It's an interesting little journey, I must say, and absolutely nothing like what you would expect. It is certainly an eye-opener too for those who place so much faith in search engine matters.

.... Continue reading Porn Google

Posted by Steve

10 Sep 2007

Naughty Flipside

naughtyflipside.jpg Picture>

Naughty, naughty, very naughty.

You know, I find good sites that do things wrong FAR more infuriating than bad sites that do things wrong. With bad sites you don't really care because they suck anyway. But with good sites you're frustrated because they could have been so much better.

.... Continue reading Naughty Flipside

Posted by Steve

09 Sep 2007

Bondage USA

bondageusa.jpg Picture>

Kumi Monster. Yeah, it is kinda stupid, isn't it?

I think it's fair to say that now Chuck Stevens has launched an official site, namely Bondage USA, that other bondage and BDSM sites really should be very wary. And indeed, very worried, for that matter.

.... Continue reading Bondage USA

Posted by Steve

07 Sep 2007

Bad Porn Jobs

doublepenetration.jpg Picture>

Lauren Phoenix, prior to having any leaks plugged.

I just got thinking about double penetration having just reviewed DP Overload, another predictably excellent site from those 21 Sextury / Flash The Money people, and got thinking about the crappest job during this genre of action.

.... Continue reading Bad Porn Jobs

Posted by Steve

06 Sep 2007

Tarantino Ponders Porn Film

tarantinoporn.jpg Picture>

Gwyneth would be crap at porn, apparently. You'd like to see her try though, wouldn't you?

Apparently Quentin Tarantino is the latest mainstream movie director who says that he wouldn't mind having a crack at directing some porn one day. This revelation is hardly new amongst Hollywood directors.

.... Continue reading Tarantino Ponders Porn Film

Posted by Steve

03 Sep 2007

Pure 18

pure18.jpg Picture>

Words fail me this time - except for 'MMMMM'.

Pure 18 is not really a surprise in any way, shape or form. It's a hardcore site. The girls are very pretty and cute. And it's a Nasty Dollars site that is predictably good despite being very new. So nothing to really comment on then?

.... Continue reading Pure 18

Posted by Steve

02 Sep 2007


cockandball.jpg Picture>

You really don't want to know.

As a porn reviewer, you have to be more open-minded towards things that wouldn't normally interest you than reviewers in other areas of the media, or reviewers of other things around. But sometimes you really are tested.

.... Continue reading Ouch!

Posted by Steve

01 Sep 2007

Bush Porn Pic Sparks Outrage

bushporn.jpg Picture>

It's definitely an improvement, isn't it?

Without sounding like I'm picking on an entire nation, I find the reaction to the news that this is outrage over this story that some artist has created a picture of George W Bush out of bits he's cut out of porn magazines completely ridiculous.

.... Continue reading Bush Porn Pic Sparks Outrage

Posted by Steve

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