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Blog articles for September, 2008

30 Sep 2008

Nicole Graves - A Genuine Treat

nicolegraves-1.jpg Picture>

"I don't think much of these new scarves...."

There are too many Nicoles in porn. In fact, there are too many hot Nicoles full stop. I'm always getting them mixed up. Therefore, it took me a while to pinpoint my thoughts and realise just who Nicole Graves was.

.... Continue reading Nicole Graves - A Genuine Treat

Posted by Steve

29 Sep 2008

Milf Hunter Goes Shopping

milf-hunter-shopping.jpg Picture>

Image courtesy of Milf Hunter

When it's time to head to your local grocery store what's usually on your shopping list? I would imagine that it all depends on whether your single or married. .... Continue reading Milf Hunter Goes Shopping

Posted by David

28 Sep 2008

OC Cash - Special Deals All Round

occash.jpg Picture>

"$17.97?! You're shiiting me!"

Our webmaster here at Honest Porn Reviews prides himself on not just having the best adult review site around, but on bringing you the best paysite deals around as well in the bargain. And he's done it again with many of the OC Cash sites!

.... Continue reading OC Cash - Special Deals All Round

Posted by Steve

26 Sep 2008

Delta Of Venus - Vintage Porn

deltaofvenus.jpg Picture>

Even the olden days liked to see a bit of pussy.

When you consider just how much must be in the archives out there of pornography from years gone by, it's actually amazing that there aren't more sites like Delta Of Venus around. Or is it? Depends on how you look at it really.

.... Continue reading Delta Of Venus - Vintage Porn

Posted by Steve

24 Sep 2008

Brandy Juggs and the BBW Mystery

brandyjuggs.jpg Picture>

Now, would you regard HER as a real BBW?

As I mentioned in my review of Brandy Juggs, I had recently had a discussion with someone about what constitutes a real BBW. To say that our views differed somewhat was definitely true, but I did make one or two discoveries along the way.

.... Continue reading Brandy Juggs and the BBW Mystery

Posted by Steve

23 Sep 2008

Fuck For Dollars - See Anybody You Know...?

fuckfordollars.jpg Picture>

"Wow, what are the chances of meeting Sasha Grey out here?!"

Now, don't get me wrong. I did quite enjoy Fuck For Dollars. But looking at the tour pages of it, it's fair to say I probably enjoyed in ways that you wouldn't have been expecting.

.... Continue reading Fuck For Dollars - See Anybody You Know...?

Posted by Steve

22 Sep 2008

Erica Campbell 'Sees The Light'

ericacampbell-1.jpg Picture>

Yee-haw indeed.

I do wish these pornstars and adult models would stop undergoing religious conversions. It's starting to worry me a bit. First it was Crissy Moran. And now it's Erica Campbell.

.... Continue reading Erica Campbell 'Sees The Light'

Posted by Steve

19 Sep 2008

Kaylani Lei - Oriental Stunner

kaylanilei-2.jpg Picture>

Man, these pants are crooked....

We certainly don't get enough time to focus on the very best ethnic stars out there - there's no excuse for it, I'm just a bad boy. But allow us to introduce you to Kaylani Lei.....

.... Continue reading Kaylani Lei - Oriental Stunner

Posted by Steve

18 Sep 2008

The Minion - Slobs Can Be Pornstars Too!

theminion.jpg Picture>

"That'll teach you to eat my doughnut!"

Could The Minion be the forerunner in a new porn niche? That niche being 'slob porn'? It could be. After all, they do say that there's something for everyone out there....

.... Continue reading The Minion - Slobs Can Be Pornstars Too!

Posted by Steve

16 Sep 2008

Sandra Shine - another Hungarian beauty

sandrashine-2.jpg Picture>

"I'm shy and don't want you to see my pants."

If all of the Olympic events were replaced by a contest to find the hottest adult model from Europe, then Hungary would have walked away with more gold medals than possibly every other country. You can thank Sandra Shine and friends for that.

.... Continue reading Sandra Shine - another Hungarian beauty

Posted by Steve

14 Sep 2008

Xtreme Diaper - Adult Baby site

xtremediaper.jpg Picture>

"I knew I shouldn't have let you have that macrobiotic youghurt."

As a dad of two girls under the age of 2, watching them desperately trying to grow out of being a baby and becoming more independent is fascinating. Which makes you wonder exactly what's going on behind the likes of Xtreme Diaper.

.... Continue reading Xtreme Diaper - Adult Baby site

Posted by Steve

13 Sep 2008

Celebs 13 Celebrity Site

celebs13.jpg Picture>

Dammit, how did that fish get down here....?

The nature of the beast that is celebrity sites dictates that it is difficult for them to have much that differentiates them from the crowd, but Celebs 13 manages to be pretty impressive nonetheless.

.... Continue reading Celebs 13 Celebrity Site

Posted by Steve

11 Sep 2008

Fisting Sites - The Good Ones

fisting.jpg Picture>

Who said three's a crowd?

Take a good look at the picture above. Those three ladies are about to carry out a spectacularly hot lesbian threesome courtesy of Dirty 101. It's not just any lesbian threesome though. It's one complete with fisting....

.... Continue reading Fisting Sites - The Good Ones

Posted by Steve

10 Sep 2008

David Duchovny: Porn Addict

davidduchovny.jpg Picture>

"David, please tell me what your favourite chatroom is!"

The news that David Duchovny is addicted to internet porn and chatrooms is something of a surprise, I must admit. You won't see many A-list actors admitting to an internet porn addiction, so he is to be commended for his confession.

.... Continue reading David Duchovny: Porn Addict

Posted by Steve

09 Sep 2008

Four Finger Club Lesbian Hardcore Sex

fourfingerclub.jpg Picture>

Amy Reid and Codi Milo? Yes please!

Lesbian sites can go one of two ways. They can be touchy-feely gentle affairs where the girls lez up gently but with no real passion. Or they can be like Four Finger Club and be the absolute complete opposite!

.... Continue reading Four Finger Club Lesbian Hardcore Sex

Posted by Steve

08 Sep 2008

The Pussy Licker - The only CMNF site ?

thepussylicker.jpg Picture>

"Hey, I didn't buy you those panties for Christmas!"

No doubt you'll have seen quite a lot of those CFNM (clothed female nude male) sites around. Well, for your information, The Pussy Licker is probably the first CMNF (figure it out) site that you or I may have seen.

.... Continue reading The Pussy Licker - The only CMNF site ?

Posted by Steve

07 Sep 2008

Homegrown Video Delivers Amateur Porn

homegrownvideo.jpg Picture>

The new Homegrown Video team uniform went down pretty well.

With over 26 years as an adult production company, and over 10 years in business as an accompanying adult site, Homegrown Video has a genuine damn good claim to be the daddy of amateur porn everywhere.

.... Continue reading Homegrown Video Delivers Amateur Porn

Posted by Steve

06 Sep 2008

Gina Lynn Porn Star

ginalynn-1.jpg Picture>

Gina Lynn - nice outfit.

Increasingly over the last few years it has become notable that performers that have gone on to become big name stars have started out in the industry at an older age than you normally get - and Gina Lynn is such a performer.

.... Continue reading Gina Lynn Porn Star

Posted by Steve

05 Sep 2008

Sexy Soccer Hotties Football Babes

sexysoccerhotties.jpg Picture>

England's model from Sexy Soccer Hotties - showing far better form than her team.

For the purpose of this blog entry, I will be terming the sport referenced on Sexy Soccer Hotties as 'soccer'. But it will be under protest as we all know that it's really called football. Soccer is a stupid name.

.... Continue reading Sexy Soccer Hotties Football Babes

Posted by Steve

04 Sep 2008

Jenna Jameson

jennajameson1.jpg Picture>

Still to this day one of the finest pairs of breasts in porn.

In many ways, Jenna Jameson should take it as a compliment that so many people have an opinion on her, positive or negative. Generally, many people don't bother to comment on you if you've not done anything noteworthy with your life.

.... Continue reading Jenna Jameson

Posted by Steve

03 Sep 2008

Pack Of Porn

packofporn.jpg Picture>

"Hey, nice to meet you! Nice....glasses."

Networks take two routes usually. They either launch with one or two sites and then add more as time goes on. Or, they take the Pack Of Porn and launch a load of new sites and everything they have at once.

.... Continue reading Pack Of Porn

Posted by Steve

02 Sep 2008

Crissy Moran

crissy1.jpg Picture>

Crissy Moran probably wouldn't want you looking at these pictures any more.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a disturbingly increasing trend amongst disillusioned pornstars or ex-adult performers to take up a place within religion, denouncing the whole business and those who perform within it, as Crissy Moran has.

.... Continue reading Crissy Moran

Posted by Steve

01 Sep 2008


babeink.jpg Picture>

Lewd, rude and tattooed.

It was a discussion with my dear wife that pointed me in the direction of BabeInk. Having heard how fantastic it supposedly was, I decided to check that bad girl out myself, and like with most things, she happened to be very much correct.

.... Continue reading Babeink

Posted by Steve

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