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23 Oct 2017

Best Celebrity Tits in Horror Movies

Best Celebrity Tits in Horror Movies>

”Trash shows off her pre-zombie breasts” - Photo Courtesy of Mr. Skin

I usually only do one horror blog each year, so technically I shouldn't even be writing this but I decided what the hell there's a horror element I want to talk about. Hot ladies in showing off their big tits in horror movies. Scenes which inevitably end up on Mr. Skin.

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Posted by David

14 Dec 2015

Let's Rediscover Celebrity Porn

Let's Rediscover Celebrity Porn>

”I discovered Halle Berry's tits!”-Photo Courtesy of Mr.Skin

I know that I look at a lot of celebrity porn, but I simply can't help it. For some reason, I get a big ass thrill out of seeing the stars of Hollywood showing off their tits and ass. I just love these adventurous stars and have picked out my some of my favorites from Mr.Skin.

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Posted by David

01 Nov 2014

Rosario Dawson Gives Me Plenty Of Celebrity Sex

Rosario Dawson Gives Me Plenty Of Celebrity Sex>

"Now's That Some Nice Celebrity Tits" - Photo Courtesy of Mr.Skin

Let's take some time today and talk about one of my favorite subjects: Celebrity sex. Yes, I love to see hot actresses getting undressed for the camera. And one of my favorite actress to get nude is a hot babe called Rosario Dawson. A chick who you can find on porn sites such as Mr.Skin.

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Posted by David

23 Dec 2012

2013 Golden Globe Nude Nominations

2013 Golden Globe Nude Nominations>

"Jessica Chastain Nude"- Photo Courtesy of Mr. Skin

The Golden Globes have just recently announced their award nominations and we are going to do the same. Kinda. What we're doing today is checking out the hottest celebrity flesh that could possibly win a Golden globe. And you can thank Mr. Skin.

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Posted by David

07 Jun 2009

Celebrity Porn Is No Joking Matter

Celebrity Porn Is No Joking Matter>

Sarah Trigger Flashing Those Tits
Celebrity porn sites. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them but you can no longer dismiss them. As a matter of fact, I was just searching the internet when I saw an article on Jon Cryer's ex-wife Sarah Trigger.

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Posted by David

27 Nov 2008

Celeb TA - When Google Becomes Redundant

Celeb TA - When Google Becomes Redundant>

One of the many hot Katherine Heigl pics from the site.

I must admit that, more often than not, I can't help but be won over by celebrity websites. I always regard finding mainstream celebrity nudity as more of a 'challenge' than nudity displayed by any pornstars.

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Posted by Steve

13 Sep 2008

Celebs 13 Celebrity Site

Celebs 13 Celebrity Site>

Dammit, how did that fish get down here....?

The nature of the beast that is celebrity sites dictates that it is difficult for them to have much that differentiates them from the crowd, but Celebs 13 manages to be pretty impressive nonetheless.

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Posted by Steve

17 Aug 2008

Rockstar Pimp

Rockstar Pimp>

Don't worry, guys. She wasn't really destroyed.

Celebrity sex tapes and porn videos are all the rage these days, don't you know? But increasingly, more and more 'celebrities' (or people that you might have seen on the TV a bit) are taking to real porn. And that's where Rockstar Pimp comes in.

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Posted by Steve

17 Jul 2008

Verne Troyer Sex Tape

Verne Troyer Sex Tape>

It's probably best not to ask him what he's been doing with those.

I don't know. You wait a very long time indeed for an extremely unlikely celebrity sex tape to be brought to the public's attention, and two come along at once. First it was Jimi Hendrix, and now....wait for it, it's Verne Troyer?!

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Posted by Steve

23 Feb 2008

Beckham Porn?

Beckham Porn?>

This is really the Beckham I want to see in porn.

After yesterday's story about the latest celebrity to be involved in some porn shenanigans, the last thing I expected was for another celebrity-related porn story to be my next subject for this blog. But as it turns out....

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Posted by Steve

21 Feb 2008

Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Gene Simmons Sex Tape>

It's less than likely he's made up like this in the video.

It's got to a point where there are now so many celebrity sex videos or celebrity sex video rumours floating around that we might have to start a new blog chronicling all of these videos!

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Posted by Steve

13 Jun 2007

Celebrity Sites

Celebrity Sites>

Who hasn't seen this picture by now?

So the question on my mind on this sunny Sunday morning is - are celebrity sites worth subscribing to at all?

Continue reading Celebrity Sites

Posted by Steve

22 May 2007

Katie Or Katee?

Katie Or Katee?>

Didn't she used to be hot?

This story is another sad story of a sad celebrity.

Continue reading Katie Or Katee?

Posted by Steve

12 Feb 2007

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape>

Kim Kardashian, obviously not camera shy.

Oh look, another day, another celebrity sex video. This time courtesy of Kim Kardashian.

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Posted by Steve

18 Dec 2006

Celebrity Draw

Celebrity Draw>

Ice-T and 'friend'. Don't listen to him, pimpin' bloody well IS easy!

Having just reviewed Hardcore Gangstas, a site that boasts appearances by rap legend Ice-T on its pages, one would have to ask the question as to whether there is actually any point in having such big names on porn sites?

Continue reading Celebrity Draw

Posted by Steve

07 Dec 2006

Lindsay Lohan flashes

Lindsay Lohan flashes>

Hey, sometimes she does wear underwear, see?

I don't know what's with this sudden deluge of female celebrities that are having their private parts captured on camera by the paparazzi. Either the photographers are getting a hell of a lot better, or underwear stocks the world over are running out.

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Posted by Steve

05 Dec 2006

The Filth And The Fury

The Filth And The Fury>

With more and more celebrities being silly enough to agree to be filmed having sex, celebrity sites such as Paparazzi Filth are likely to become more common. The most recent such celebrity is probably Imogen Thomas, the undeniably stunning British Big Brother contestant who did very well in the most recent series of that show, and has subsequently gone on to become something of a star on the 'lad's mag' circuit.

But are such sites quite as relevant and worthy of fuss as they seem to be?

Continue reading The Filth And The Fury

Posted by Steve

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