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Female Ejaculation blog articles

24 Apr 2015

Squirters Are Perfect For Rainy Days

Squirters Are Perfect For Rainy Days>

”Her squirting waters all these plants”-Photo Courtesy of Fem Flood

Are you ready for some spring showers? If you are, then you might want to check out some of the hot squirting videos on Fem Flood. That's because there are few things that usher spring in as well as some gushing pussies. April pussy showers bring May flowers—or something like that.

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Posted by David

10 Sep 2014

Female Ejaculation Doesn't Need To Be Solved

Female Ejaculation Doesn't Need To Be Solved>

"Her Gushing Pussy Is Quite Mysterious" - Photo Courtesy Of Squirt Coach

The female ejaculation, otherwise known as the squirting pussy, has long been a mystery to men. At one time, it was considered to be a myth and I am sure there are some people out there who don't believe in it's existence. I know it exists, however. I have seen it on sites such as Squirt Coach.

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Posted by David

31 Aug 2013

Female Ejaculation Squirting Is Possible

Female Ejaculation Squirting Is Possible>

"Ready, aim and squirt!!" - Photo Courtesy of Stop Or I'll Squirt

Stop Or I'll Squirt is an expression not many guys get to hear from their woman on a regular basis. In fact, I would venture to say that most guys will never hear those words in their lifetime. Unless, of course, they visit a squirting pussy porn site.

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Posted by David

15 Jul 2012

Gushing Pussies Hot Virgins And Other Myths

Gushing Pussies Hot Virgins And Other Myths>

"Squirters are really real my friends" - Photo Courtesy of Squirting Virgin

Today we are going to talk about two things that most men consider to be myths. The myth of the virgin and the myth of female ejaculation. I decided to take on both of these subjects at once after I visited a site called Squirt Virgin.

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Posted by David

19 Feb 2012

Putting Your Finger On Squirting Pussy

Putting Your Finger On Squirting Pussy>

"These lesbians have squirting all figured out" - Photo Courtesy of Gushing Lezzies

Sometimes when you mix two distinct genres together you get something very special. That is the case with Gushing Lezzies. This porn site has managed to mix two of my favorite genres. The lesbian genre and the squirting pussy genre. And I personally like it.

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Posted by David

11 Mar 2011

First Time Pussy Squirters

First Time Pussy Squirters>

"This chick's pussy is in for a big surprise" - photo courtesy of Squirting Virgin

I have a pretty tough question for you. What two genres of porn do you think would make for a great porn site? Well, let me give you my answer. I just visited a site called Squirting Virgin and I think that it combines two great porn genres, eighteen year old babes and female ejaculation. That is a great combination.

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Posted by David

07 Sep 2010

Squirt Coach-The Last Splash of Summer

Squirt Coach-The Last Splash of Summer>

"Her Pussy is about to blow!!" - Photo courtesy of Squirt Coach

Summer is coming to an end. So I thought that we would give the season one last splash before autumn crept back into out lives. I thought long and hard about how to do this and decided that I would take a moment to revisit the joys of female ejaculation. And I found the perfect site for this trip down memory lane and it's called Squirt Coach.

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Posted by David

10 Feb 2010

Squirting Girls FYI

Squirting Girls FYI>

"Look out Below!!" - Photo courtesy of Real Squirt

Today, I am going to revisit a topic that I haven't done in a while. And this subject is female ejaculation, or as I like to call it squirting girls. The last time that I did this subject I talked about a wide range of sites. But, I seem to have forgot one,Real Squirt. And it is a really great squirting porn site.


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Posted by David

27 Aug 2009

Squirting Pussy Sites

Squirting Pussy Sites>

 "Layla Has A Cum Rocket"-Photo Courtesy of See Her Squirt

There is probably no genre of porn that captures the imagination more then female ejaculation, or as I like to call them, squirting pussy sites. Watching a women get fucked and then unloading a torrent of juice from her twat has to be the most impressive natural event ever witnesses. It's right up their with the geyser "Old Faithful"


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Posted by David

13 May 2009

The Skinny On Female Ejaculation

The Skinny On Female Ejaculation>

Nikki Is About To Spring A Leak - Image courtesy of Leaking Liquids
Few things in porn have captured the imagination more than Female Ejaculation. It has been regarded by some as an urban myth and by others as a talent that only a select few women can do. But, I'm here to tell you that both those assumptions are false. If your woman is capable of achieving an orgasm than she is capable of having a squirting pussy.

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Posted by David

23 Nov 2007

Squirt Bukkake

Squirt Bukkake>

Looks like that scene from Day Of The Dead - except sexier, obviously.

As the old saying goes, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Do note though that at no point does it say that revenge is a dish best served by having dozens of angry lesbians ejaculating all over your face and body.

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Posted by Steve

27 Jul 2007

Female Ejaculation: Myth or Reality?

Female Ejaculation: Myth or Reality?>

Here’s a debate that has been raging on for years in the world of porn. Female Ejaculation – is it real or is it all an illusion?

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Posted by Miranda

22 Nov 2006

One Girl Who Is Not A Little Squirt

One Girl Who Is Not A Little Squirt >

I was wondering what would be a good subject to open our blog with and, naturally, your mind turns to female ejaculation. And when your mind turns to female ejaculation, it usually turns to Cytherea.

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Posted by Steve

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