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    Category: Femdom

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    Caution: This review may be out of date

    Humiliatrix is a more extreme advancement of the dominatrix fetish and idea. A collection of initially sweet-looking but hot girls pose and tease you into literal submission whilst humiliating you with some rather disparaging comments! Content is both pictorial and image-based.


    Humiliatrix currently has 240 videos ready to watch at this moment in time, which are available to view in WMV format. WMV displays at 640x480(1.45Mbps) and also at 320x240(450kbps). The image galleries, of which there are currently around 14, do often have a hell of a lot of images in them, and they usually display at around 600x1000 pixels, although often they are slightly larger than that.

    Humiliatrix is a site that moulds itself around teasing and humiliation. Do the two really go hand-in-hand? Well, not necessarily, but the quality of this site dictates that they go together perfectly. Of course, it’s all an act, but it’s all pulled off with such flair and imagination, with the veneer of humiliation never being dropped for one minute, right from the splash page to the member’s area and all of its content.

    I must say I found it a frustration to see all of these hot girls come so close to disrobing but almost never doing so! The images generally come captioned with the girls letting you know how puny and insignificant they think you are, and I must say that they are never much bothered about crossing boundaries of taste and decency, pulling no punches with their comments!

    Of course, the problem is that once you’ve seen what they have to say then it doesn’t have much impact if you go back to the galleries or videos a second time. It will be interesting to see is they can sustain this quality for particularly long, and if so, will they be able to keep coming up with original insults? Maybe they’ve peaked too early, but this innovative site is certainly off to an impressive start.

    Bonus material is excellent, with lots of audio sessions of humiliation (very sexy and occasionally hilarious), a bizarre ‘dick meter’ and some of the usual stories which are sometimes really good.

    User Interface

    All of the galleries and videos are hosted on the main index page, which should mean that everything is easy to access. It’s not as simple as that though.

    The design of the page, which is extremely detailed and undeniably impressive means it takes a long time for the page to load, so it can be a frustrating experience. And by just listing everything in order of updates instead of dividing up into video and image sections, finding what you want can be a little problematic.



    Humiliatrix certainly impressively has the courage of its convictions and has made a very promising start to its intriguingly original life. Whether it can maintain the quality remains to be seen, but in the meantime it is well worth that rather low membership fee for a month.

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    User Score: 7.3 / 10

    User comments:

    Thomas, Score:9.00, Date:Sep 8, 2023, Humiliatrix was the all time bestest site for the brat princess femdom fetish that is now prevelant on the web. Humiliatrix was the pioneer in this concept starting in 2001 or so. The Mellissa audios were so creative and hawt. The videos which now humber in the high hundreds were mostly good too. It’s a shame the site was frozen in 2019, it seems Melissa decided to do other things. I give it a 9 for it’s legacy content. If it were still active id give it a 10.

    Ej, Score:2.00, Date:Jun 10, 2020, No longer any updates as of June 2019. Site is dead

    Big, Score:10.00, Date:Mar 22, 2013, is the hottest site out there...really allows me to tap into my inner-sissy...has the meanest, prettiest girls with the dirtiest mouths...they can get you to do things you didn't know you were capable of... some complain about the lack of nudity...but i love's about if you enjoy incredibly hot girls mocking you..this is the site for you.

    Sissy pb, Score:10.00, Date:Mar 21, 2013, Brilliant collection of women who really know how to keep a humiliated boy twisted around their finger. I love the quality in HD, and feel a connection with this site like no other. The women are immaculate princesses, who weaken me just at the few spoken words, tempting me into the site and twisting into very creative worship sessions that makes me adore them. From Goddess Tessa, to Goddess Stephanie, to Goddess Jessica, and the undeniably perfect Goddess Selena, it's a lot for a sissy to handle in one site. I just want to lick anything they tell me to. But of course they keep thinking of new ways for me to worship them! I just wish there were more ways to interact with the Goddesses personally online. Goddess Melissa does a superb job of running the site and keeping things fun and fresh, She is a Queen!

    jamie, Score:10.00, Date:Mar 21, 2013, humiliatrix is awesome, perfectly epitomizing a fetish for being made fun of by pretty girls. it hits a lot of variations on the themes of tease, control, denial, and humiliation, and uses top-notch performers, camera crew, and video editing. the presentation it's great. really started a movement, there are quite a few imitators, but it remains the best! constantly improving while remembering its original theme-pretty girls laughing at you will make you hard. and pliable. Best of its kind!

    Richard shellard, Score:10.00, Date:Mar 21, 2013, Fantastic site. Regular updates. Great quality videos. Multi format for humiliatrix on your mobile. Princess are superior.

    Dave Crime, Score:6.00, Date:Jun 21, 2011, Good concept and some beautiful girls but the 'tease' is taken too far in that they never get naked, and the site doesn't feature any sex. humiliationpov is the right way to execute this concept.

    allman, Score:1.50, Date:Dec 5, 2010, Interesting at first but got old pretty fast. Wish they had some nudity...

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    Humiliatrix members area previews
    Members Area Previews

    Overall Score

    7.9 / 10

    Content Quality
    9.0 / 10
    Content Quantity
    7.1 / 10
    Exclusive Content
    5.0 / 5.0
    Download Speed
    2.7 / 5.0
    7.5 / 10
    Price / Value
    8.0 / 10

    Review Scoring Criteria

    User Score
    7.3 / 10

    $34.95 / 30 days

    Initial Review : Jan 10, 2007

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