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Category: Amateur

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Lustery is different from basically every, if not absolutely every, porn site you have ever visited before. It is amateur couples only, but there’s a very unique catch: it isn't terrible. Although submissions are open to the public, it is immediately apparent that the woman who runs the site (Paulita Pappel) is not just posting whatever comes her way. There is an application process with very particular guidelines.

Ms. Pappel notes that, “The magic of these videos is that when you hand the control back to couples, the action becomes organic, authentic and truly reflective of real life passion and lust.” In sifting through the videos, one can tell that that sentence is taken to heart. The couples in these videos are elated to be fucking one another, and the level of intimacy and comfort shown in each one suggests that Ms. Pappel is only taking videos from those pairings that have been together for some time.


At present, there are 357 scenes and about 150 galleries. The movies are MP4 format, the best quality being 1080p, with lower renderings available (720p, 480p, etc.) The movies are streaming only. Since it’s amateur, there are of course no stars, put that’s not a big deal. Call me a sentimentalist if you must, but sex between two people who know and adore one another is a wonderful thing, and as you watch there comes a certain privileged feeling from getting to share in the revelry of each roll in the hay—and I do say this as a guy who has plenty of appreciation for (good) mainstream porn.

Explaining the goodness of these videos is not the easiest thing in the world, but it jumps out at you: the knowing exchanges between the participants, the obvious complete familiarity with one another, and the familiar introductions of most videos are all some of the better highlights. If standard porn is the methodical but expected hammering of an airport techno-thriller, Lustery is the slow and revealing drawl of the Southern Gothics.

In particular I recommend anything shot in POV—man or woman—as that even further accentuates the atmosphere of connection that already makes this site shine. Anal, or any other kink has much the same effect. But regardless, the content is good. While the search function on the site works fine, there isn’t much point to it, as the videos are not titled or tagged the way they are on any typical porn site.

Fundamentally, the way to approach a visit to this site is to scroll through the thumbnails of either the couples or the videos, and pick a pair that’s to your liking. From there, strap in and enjoy—don’t expect a quick face-fuck or game of leapfrog that’ll let you rub one out in four minutes. This site is similar to the Golden Age porn of yesteryear in that its formatted to be watched at length and at leisure, as opposed to being just a lightning fast masturbatory aid.

The only readers out there unlikely to find much to their liking on the site are those who find tattoos, piercings, and the like to be deal breakers. The performers on the site are basically the demographic of Seattle’s hipster coffee shops, and I doubt that will change much with time—what other group of people are both willing to fuck their significant other for the world to see and be able to do a good and artsy job of it? On that note, if you had an unrequited crush on an English major at a private liberal arts college, be sure to check the updates of this site regularly, she may well show up soon enough.

The site also has a blog that the proprietors seem quite proud of. This might initially strike you as superfluous, or even flat-out dumb, but truth be told, a lot of us visit porn sites not just when we’re horny, but when we’re bored too—I know I do. To that end, the blog is probably good for something. In glancing it over, it seems like a lot of it is just sex basics and sex-positive feminist posturing, but hey, we might all learn something from it—who knows.

User Interface

There aren't any of the typical drop-down menus your muscle memory will almost immediately send you searching for. You can go to “videos” or “couples” and sort from there. While there are tags, they cover only the basics such as anal, choking, and squirting.

Their “categories” are the not-terribly-useful quartet of “Home sex,” “outdoors,” “quickie,” and “kink.” Much more useful to the newcomer is the ability to sort by “most viewed” and “most liked.” This is because what makes the content on this site superb is not the sex acts themselves so much as the fact that the people doing them are so totally into it.


Lustery is a great site. It’s unique, it’s intimate, and it’s sexy. Sure, it’s not like most porn, but dear God, the internet only needs to reinvent the wheel so many times.

I strongly recommend adding this one to your standard round-up of sites to visit regularly. Not only does it mix things up by breaking the mold, the nature of their content—regularly adding new couples—guarantees a steady flow of new and original sex.

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8.4 / 10

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9.1 / 10
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8.3 / 10
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Initial Review : Apr 9, 2019

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