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    Video Box

    Category: Movies Secondary: Porn Star Hardcore

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    Video Box is a DVD download site that is largely regarded as being the best site of its type on the internet, and one of the greatest adult sites in existence for many reasons too numerous to list here. Do you have a Roku ? Well now you can get this sites movies streaming on your Roku device direct to your TV as well.

    The site has recently undergone an overhaul to transform its already groundbreaking navigation with something that is even more impressive. At the heart of it though is an archive of over 20,000 DVDs for just as little as $12.00 per month for DVD resolution HD videos.


    This site currently features over 20,937 full length DVD movie titles featuring 12,778 porn stars at the time of review. These are full length DVDs so this actually represents 111,428 different video scenes. There are however no photo galleries. Videos are available to stream or download in the Flash and MP4 formats, with the best quality offered in High Definition displaying at 1280x720(3700kbps). Older movies may display at lower resolutions. You can also watch movies on your TV via your Roku device. The site is updated on a dailly basis ! 

    This is one of those sites that if you don’t know it, then you really have got a lot to learn. Many pretenders have emerged on the scene in the last couple of years ago, attempting to dethrone it as the king of all DVD download sites. Whilst a couple have gone pretty close, VideoBox always finds away to somehow put a little more distance between them and the chasing pack. They’re always looking to improve and innovate, not being content with being, and I don’t hesitate to say this, the best.

    Since their launch in December 2002, they have built up a stunning and almost unmatched archive of DVDs. That archive is only speeding up too in terms of its size, as they are now adding new titles at a rate of five new titles per day, compared with one per day which they settled for throughout most of their life online. This rate is almost unprecedented, but the sheer breadth of the titles, stars, niches and genres covered is frightening. And all this is without a DRM in site. And you can now watch it on your TV too with a Roku device, we have tested too this and it is so easy to setup and its included with your membership.

    User Interface

    VideoBox has an excellent, nice and easy to use interface. One of the best we have seen anywhere! with several wonderful features.  The highlight of this is the create a clip scene selection system, meaning that by clicking on a frame of any video you want in the screenshot section, you can start the video almost exactly where you want it to start. This unique system of video browsing is a wonderfully useful tool and quite unlike anything you’ll ever see.

    Elsewhere, this site completely excels as well. The download speeds are still absolutely excellent, with update information being similarly impressive as well.  The various indexes for genres and stars are really well organized with a member rating system employed well so that it doesn’t intrude too much if you’re not interested in the views of others. It used to work really well anyway, but somehow manages to be even better now.


    Looking at the rebirth of Video Box you really do have to wonder if the opposition will ever catch them. It’s doubtful. Not content with just having lots of DVDs, VideoBox is determined to continue to better itself and make the lives of its members that much easier.

    The DVD selection is, of course, fantastic and almost completely without fault. But the navigation has lifted this site into another dimension yet. For sheer value, scope and innovation, VideoBox cannot be praised highly enough.

    *** Please note: Be careful of pre checked or pre-selected cross sales on the join page. Make sure you uncheck or de-select those options, unless you want these extras, as you will be charged extra for them.

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    User Score: 7.1 / 10

    User comments:

    admin, Score:8.00, Date:Jun 25, 2015, Thomas, they did try and reach out to you but you did not respond, they were prepared to take care of you or give you a refund. The review clearly states that movies are 1280x720 which is 720P so not sure why you were expecting 1080P movies.

    Thomas, Score:3.00, Date:Jun 19, 2015, I joined the site just 5 days ago and have canceled my membership (which will run for another almost 6 months). But I'm not going to waste more time on this: 1. The video quality is poor, even "HD" (720p, actually) look like blown-up DVDs, the SD videos are UNwatchable on modern flatscreen TVs. 2. The site will just pour in some of SAME DVDs over and over as you're browsing through the niches (chronological order doesn't work at all: it's 2015, 2012, 2011, 2009, then 2015 again and so on - on the same page!). This is 2015: the quality won't do any more, other sites are remastering their old titles. It's noit that cheap either 60 bucks for 6 months is now common on many "mega sites", all of them with better quality. It was just a mistake to join.

    Bob@VideoBox, Score:10.00, Date:Aug 26, 2014, Hello "no name," and anyone else reading this: we here at VideoBox pride ourselves on doing business with integrity and providing great service to our valued customers. We do not bill people fraudulently or make any attempts to take extra money. We have recently started offering a free trial to a trusted partner site with whom we have a close relationship, which bills at $30 per month when the trial period ends. This is clearly stated on our join page right before the "continue" button and reiterated on the final screen which shows what was purchased. In the case of "no name" that was what the $30 additional monthly billing was for. However, we do not want to take people's money for anything they do not want, so if our users email us at we always work with them to make sure they are happy. Trials in particular are something we will refund you for if you did not know you added it or do not want it. No name, please email us if you have not already and we will gladly take care of you. Let us make this right for you and welcome you back, as we would and often do for any loyal customer who has become unhappy. Just mention your honestpornreviews comment in your message and we will respond immediately. Best Regards!

    no name..., Score:1.00, Date:Aug 25, 2014, I have been a member of Video Box since 2008 and love the site. I read the comment from last month about the customer getting a fraudulent charge from their new billing service I just cancelled my credit card due to 3 fraudulent monthly charges of $30 from the same billing service after I renewed my subscription to Video Box last May through ccbill which is a great billing service company. I e-mailed Video Box today and notified them and hopefully they will look into it since it will effect future customers. At this point, after 6 years with them, I will never renew again, regardless of how much I do enjoy the awesome site... a damn shame for sure.

    Jordan@Videobox, Score:10.00, Date:Aug 7, 2014, Hi ntmdtr - Yikes! That's not good at all! Send us an email at and reference your honsestpornreviews post and we'll take care of this immediately!

    ntmdtr, Score:1.50, Date:Jul 28, 2014, I decided togive4 them .5 more points for at least acknowledging mr Hi, We are sorry to hear that the failed rebill created a problem for you. Due to this, we have added the Vivid and Evil Angel channel to your current account free of charge. **Customer Support** Emails will be responded to within 24-48hrs of receipt (M-F) during normal business hours

    armand, Score:10.00, Date:Apr 26, 2014, Seriously great site. Skip the girl meets boy, girl meets dog, girl meets cupcake. The Video Box capability to customize clips ought to be the envy of all.

    Mitchell, Score:9.50, Date:Dec 24, 2013, I am a current member & been one, on and off, since 2011. VB gives me *great* download speeds. Often I will load up some scenes with a download manager like Downthemall. You can d.l. so much you'll never have time to watch it all!! Awesome variety of genres & studios.

    amit , Score:9.50, Date:Apr 20, 2011, Good site

    13milord, Score:2.00, Date:Feb 9, 2011, For some years VIDEOBOX it has been one of the best sites, but from the reorganization of December 2010 the connection has become slowest and now it's impossible to do streaming and download VB files.

    beachporn, Score:6.00, Date:Jun 14, 2010, Agree with others...slanted largely towards anal. Good selection...but a lotta anal.

    pornfan, Score:3.00, Date:Jan 17, 2010, analbox is more like it. Too much emphasis on anal and too many tranny vids being shove din your face, which should be on the gay site. Avoid.

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